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Comprehensive assessment of soil erosion risk for better land use planning in river basins: Case study of the Upper Blue Nile River.
In the drought-prone Upper Blue Nile River (UBNR) basin of Ethiopia, soil erosion by water results in significant consequences that also affect downstream countries. However, there have been limitedExpand
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Reservoir sedimentation and its mitigating strategies: a case study of Angereb reservoir (NW Ethiopia)
PurposeThe Angereb dam in northwestern Ethiopia was commissioned in 1997 to serve as a domestic water supply for 25 years. However, its sustainability is being threatened by rapid sedimentation. TheExpand
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Integrated Watershed Management as an Effective Approach to Curb Land Degradation: A Case Study of the Enabered Watershed in Northern Ethiopia
Integrated watershed management (IWM) is an advanced land-management approach that has been widely implemented in Tigray region of northern Ethiopia since 2004. The general aim of this study was toExpand
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Analysis of the invasion rate, impacts and control measures of Prosopis juliflora: a case study of Amibara District, Eastern Ethiopia
The tree Prosopis juliflora, introduced to Ethiopia in the 1970s to curb desertification, is imposing significant ecosystem and socioeconomic challenges. The objectives of this study are therefore toExpand
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Fragmentation of the Habitat of Wild Ungulates by Anthropogenic Barriers in Mongolia
Habitat loss and habitat fragmentation caused by anthropogenic activities are the main factors that constrain long-distance movement of ungulates. Mongolian gazelles (Procapra gutturosa) and AsiaticExpand
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Dynamics of land use and land cover and its effects on hydrologic responses: case study of the Gilgel Tekeze catchment in the highlands of Northern Ethiopia
Unprecedented land use and land cover (LULC) changes in the Gilgel Tekeze catchment of the upper Nile River basin in Ethiopia may have far-reaching consequences for the long-term sustainability ofExpand
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Land susceptibility to water and wind erosion risks in the East Africa region.
Land degradation by water and wind erosion is a serious problem worldwide. Despite the significant amount of research on this topic, quantifying these processes at large- or regional-scale remainsExpand
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Effects of land use and sustainable land management practices on runoff and soil loss in the Upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia.
Understanding the effect of land use and sustainable land management (SLM) practices on runoff and soil loss (SL) is essential for adopting suitable strategies to control soil erosion. The purpose ofExpand
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Increasing nitrogen deposition enhances post-drought recovery of grassland productivity in the Mongolian steppe
Arid regions are prone to drought because annual rainfall accumulation depends on a few rainfall events. Natural plant communities are damaged by drought, but atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition mayExpand
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Impact of Soil and Water Conservation Interventions on Watershed Runoff Response in a Tropical Humid Highland of Ethiopia
Various soil and water conservation measures (SWC) have been widely implemented to reduce surface runoff in degraded and drought-prone watersheds. But little quantitative study has been done on toExpand
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