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A Large N reduced model as superstring
Abstract A matrix model which has the manifest ten-dimensional N = 2 super Poincare invariance is proposed. Interactions between BPS-saturated states are analyzed to show that the massless spectrumExpand
Expanding (3+1)-dimensional universe from a lorentzian matrix model for superstring theory in (9+1) dimensions.
It is found that three out of nine spatial directions start to expand at some "critical time," after which the space has SO(3) symmetry instead of SO(9), and the theory thus obtained has no parameters other than one scale parameter. Expand
IIB Matrix Model
We review our proposal for a constructive definition of superstring, type IIB matrix model. The IIB matrix model is a manifestly covariant model for space-time and matter which possesses N=2Expand
Dynamical aspects of large- N reduced models
Abstract We study the large- N reduced model of D -dimensional Yang-Mills theory with special attention to dynamical aspects related to the eigenvalues of the N × N matrices, which correspond to theExpand
Embedding of theories with SU(2|4) symmetry into the plane wave matrix model(Fundamental Problems and Applications of Quantum Field Theory-Topological Aspects of Quantum Field Theory-)
We study theories with SU(2|4) symmetry, which include the plane wave matrix model, 2+1 SYM on R ? S2 and = 4 SYM on R ? S3/Zk. All these theories possess many vacua. From Lin-Maldacena's methodExpand
N=4 SYM on R x S^3 and Theories with 16 Supercharges
We study N=4 SYM on R x S^3 and theories with 16 supercharges arising as its consistent truncations. These theories include the plane wave matrix model, N=4 SYM on R x S^2 and N=4 SYM on R x S^3/Z_k,Expand
Late time behaviors of the expanding universe in the IIB matrix model
A bstractRecently we have studied the Lorentzian version of the IIB matrix model as a nonperturbative formulation of superstring theory. By Monte Carlo simulation, we have shown that the notion ofExpand
String Field Theory from IIB Matrix Model
We derive Schwinger-Dyson equations for the Wilson loops of a type IIB matrix model. Superstring coordinates are introduced through the construction of the loop space. We show that the continuumExpand
Complex Matrix Model and Fermion Phase Space for Bubbling AdS Geometries
We study a relation between droplet configurations in the bubbling AdS geometries and a complex matrix model that describes the dynamics of a class of chiral primary operators in dual N=4 super YangExpand
Born-Infeld Action from Supergravity
We show that the Born-Infeld action with the Wess-Zumino terms for the Ramond-Ramond fields, which is the D3-brane effective action, is a solution to the Hamilton-Jacobi (H-J) equation of type IIBExpand