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[A case of bilateral tubal pregnancy after IVF - ET].
The authors describe a rare case of bilateral tubal pregnancy after IVF with secondary infertility, with clinical and ultrasound indications for hemoperitoneum, where the patient was hospitalized with abdominal pain in the right hypogastric region. Expand
[Comparison of conventional PAP smear with liquid based cytology method (LBC)].
Clinical trial on 100 patients shows significant advantages of LBC mainly due to the lower number of unsatisfactory results and higher specificity for LSIL. Expand
There were significant advantages of LBC mainly due to the lower number of unsatisfactory results and higher specificity of low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (LSIL). Expand
[Modern tendencies in treatment of atypical glandular hyperplasia--our and foreign experience].
The glandular hyperplasia without atypical cells can be influenced by the hormonal treatment with progestagens and GnRh-analogs and has to be treated more radically with simple total hysterectomy. Expand
[A rare case of pregnancy combined with a large ovarian tumour].
In this rare case of large mucinous cystadenoma in 32-year old patient, who is 20 gestational weeks pregnant, the organ preserving operation was a completely sufficient surgical staging procedure. Expand
[Our experience in using liquid based cytology in cervical screening (LBC)].
The results obtained by the study confirm the diagnostic quality and efficiency of the liquid-based cytology method, so it is offered routine use in Bulgaria, as it is in some developed countries. Expand
[Contemporary methods for preterm labor diagnostics].
The emphasis is laid on biochemical tests for examination of fibronectin and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein in cervical and vaginal secretions, as well as ultrasound assessment of cervical length. Expand
[Clinical application of the natural cervical dilatators (Laminaria) in obstetrics and gynecology].
Laminaria tents are used in obstetrics and gynecology for dilatation and/or ripening of the cervix. They are effective in labor induction, abortion, endometrial biopsy, treatment of cervicalExpand
[Evaluation of immunostimulating agents used in pulmonologic practice].
Several immunostimulating drugs--levamisole (decaris), Gamma-A, dipyridamole (Antistenocardin), Respivax--were included in the treatment of 161 patients with frequently recurring chronic nonspecificExpand
Our and foreign experience in preoperative chemotherapy compared with primary cytoreductive surgery in advanced ovarian cancer for 20 years period
It is concluded that selection of the correct patients stage IIIC and IV ovarian cancers either for primary cytoreductive surgery or for preoperative chemotherapy fol lowed by in terval debulking is very important. Expand