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Core and fuel cycle for an advanced sodium-cooled fast reactor
The development of BN-1200 is based on the greatest possible use of tested and scientifically validated and developed technical solutions implemented in BN-350, -600, and the BN-800 design as well asExpand
89Sr production in fast reactors
ConclusionsIn summary, we have proposed a new method for producing89Sr for medical purposes from natural yttrium according to the reaction (n, p) in fast-neutron reactors. Investigations confirm theExpand
BN-800 design validation and construction status
Information is presented on the BN-800 design, the second design following BN-600, power-generating unit with a fast reactor. The main stages of the development of the design begun in the 1980s,Expand
BFS, a Legacy to the International Reactor Physics, Criticality Safety, and Nuclear Data Communities
Interest in high-quality integral benchmark data is increasing as efforts to quantify and reduce calculational uncertainties accelerate to meet the demands of next generation reactor and advancedExpand
Fast-reactor actinoid transmutation
Determination of the237Np(n, 2n) reaction cross section in the core of the BN-350 reactor
Analysis of irradiated fuel (regular fuel elements and special ampule samples) makes it possible to obtain data on the neutron-physical characteristics that do not lend themselves to measurement inExpand
Determination of the transfer cross section under the threshold of238U fission, as obtained from experiments on the transmission of fission neutrons
The authors assess the cross section of the transfer from the values corresponding to a sphere with transfer cross section, rather than one, in contrast to the measured transmission of fission. TheExpand