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Biological degradation and composition of inedible sweetpotato biomass.
In the studies conducted with biodegradative microorganism indigenous to sweetpotato fields, it was determined that a particle size of 75 microns and incubation temperature of 30 degrees C were optimal for degradation. Expand
Biomass accumulation in hydroponically grown sweetpotato in a controlled environment: a preliminary study.
Results from this study will be incorporated in a plant growth model for use in conjunction with controlled life support systems for long-term manned space missions. Expand
Effects of several environmental factors on sweetpotato growth.
Preliminary results with both 'Ga Jet' and 'TI 155' cultivars indicate a distinctive diurnal stomatal response for sweetpotato grown in NFT under an ambient CO2 level. Expand
Integrating biological treatment of crop residue into a hydroponic sweetpotato culture.
Investigation of the impact of filtrate from biological treatment of crop residue on growth and storage root production with plants grown in a modified half Hoagland solution found total biomass was significantly reduced for both sweetpotato cultivars when grown in bioreactor effluent. Expand
Mass Integration and Scheduling Strategies for Resource Recovery in Planetary Habitation
The purpose of this paper is to develop mass integration strategies for nonconventional applications to support planetary habitation systems. The system is aimed at recovering agricultural nutrientsExpand
Characterization of Proteins in Filtrate from Biodegradation of Crop Residue
Biodegradation of plant biomass is a feasible path for transformation of crop residue and recycling of nutrients for crop growth. The need to model the effects of factors associated with recycling ofExpand
Nutrient management effects on sweetpotato genotypes under controlled environment.
Experiments showed no effect of nutrient solution container size on storage root yield, foliage fresh and dry mass, leaf area or vine length, however, plants grown using the large nutrients solution container accumulated more storage root dry mass than those with the small containers. Expand
Biological degradation and composition of sweet potato biomass — errata☆
Abstract Many challenges are presented by biological degradation in a bioregenerative Controlled Ecological Life Support System as envisioned by the U.S. National Aeronautics and SpaceExpand