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Discrete solitons and breathers with dilute Bose-Einstein condensates.
The dynamical phase diagram of a dilute Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) trapped in a periodic potential is studied, pointing out that mean field effects lead to a coherent destruction of the interwell Bloch oscillations.
Violation of cluster decomposition and absence of light cones in local integer and half-integer spin chains
We compute the ground-state correlation functions of an exactly solvable chain of integer spins, recently introduced in [R. Movassagh and P. W. Shor, arXiv:1408.1657], whose ground state can be
Relativistic Bose?Einstein condensates: a new system for analogue models of gravity
In this paper we propose to apply the analogy between gravity and condensed matter physics to relativistic Bose?Einstein condensates (RBECs), i.e. condensates composed by relativistic constituents.
Josephson Junction Arrays with Bose-Einstein Condensates
This report reports on the direct observation of an oscillating atomic current in a one-dimensional array of Josephson junctions realized with an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate, which may allow investigation of phenomena so far inaccessible to superconducting Josephsonjunctions and lays a bridge between the condensates dynamics and the physics of discrete nonlinear media.
Nonlinear self-trapping of matter waves in periodic potentials.
The results reveal that the effect of nonlinear self-Trapping is of local nature, and is closely related to the macroscopic self-trapping phenomenon already predicted for double-well systems.
One-dimensional Lieb-Liniger Bose gas as nonrelativistic limit of the sinh-Gordon model
The repulsive Lieb-Liniger model can be obtained as the nonrelativistic limit of the sinh-Gordon model: all physical quantities of the latter model (S-matrix, Lagrangian, and operators) can be put in
Expectation values in the Lieb-Liniger Bose gas.
A novel method to compute expectation values in the Lieb-Liniger model both at zero and finite temperature and shows the computation of the three-body expectation value at finite temperature, a quantity that rules the recombination rate of the Bose gas.
Quantum spins on star graphs and the Kondo model
We study the XX model for quantum spins on the star graph with three legs (i.e., on a Y-junction). By performing a Jordan–Wigner transformation supplemented by the introduction of an auxiliary space
Topological filters and high-pass/low-pass devices for solitons in inhomogeneous networks.
By inserting suitable finite networks at a site of a chain, it is possible to realize filters and high-pass/low-pass devices for solitons propagating along the chain and provide a first step in the control of the soliton dynamics through the network topology.
Propagation of discrete solitons in inhomogeneous networks.
This paper investigates the propagation of solitons on chains with a topological inhomogeneity generated by inserting a finite discrete network on a chain and derives a general criterion yielding the momenta for perfect reflection and transmission of travelingsolitons.