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Integrated photosystem II-based photo-bioelectrochemical cells.
Photosynthesis is a sustainable process that converts light energy into chemical energy. Substantial research efforts are directed towards the application of the photosynthetic reaction centres,Expand
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Integration of Switchable DNA-Based Hydrogels with Surfaces by the Hybridization Chain Reaction.
A novel method to assemble acrylamide/acrydite DNA copolymer hydrogels on surfaces, specifically gold-coated surfaces, is introduced. The method involves the synthesis of two different copolymerExpand
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Near-infrared luminescent and magnetic cyano-bridged coordination polymers Nd(phen)n(DMF)m[M(CN)8] (M = Mo, W).
New cyano-bridged coordination polymers [Nd(phen)(2)(DMF)(2)(H(2)O)Mo(CN)(8)]·2H(2)O (1) and [Nd(phen)(DMF)(5)M(CN)(8)]·xH(2)O [M = Mo (2), W (3); phen = 1,10-phenanthroline] have one-dimensionalExpand
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Guanidinate and amidopyridinate rare-earth complexes: Towards highly reactive alkyl and hydrido species
The review summarizes advances in the chemistry of organo rare-earth complexes containing bulky guanidinate and amidopyridinate ligands. The methods of synthesis, structures, reactivities andExpand
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Bis(guanidinate) alkoxide complexes of lanthanides: synthesis, structures and use in immortal and stereoselective ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters.
A series of new bis(guanidinate) alkoxide Group 3 metal complexes [Ln((Me3Si)2NC(NiPr)2)2(OR)] (R=OtBu, Ln=Y, Nd, Sm, Lu; R=OiPr, Ln=Y, Nd, Lu) has been synthesized. X-ray structural determinationsExpand
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Luminescent and magnetic cyano-bridged coordination polymers containing 4d-4f ions: toward multifunctional materials.
A new family of cyano-bridged coordination polymers Ln(H(2)O)(5)[M(CN)(8)] (Ln = Eu, Tb, Sm, Gd; M = Mo, W) were obtained and characterized by X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence spectroscopy, andExpand
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Lanthanide complexes derived from (R)-1,1'-binaphthyl-2,2'-bis(neopentylamine)--(Li(THF)4)(Ln[(R)-C20H12N2(C10H22)]2) (Ln = Sm, Yb)--novel catalysts for enantioselective intramolecular hydroamination.
The complexes (Li(THF)4)(Ln[(R)-C20H12N2(C10H22)]2) (Ln = Sm, Yb) have been synthesized, fully characterized and found to be efficient and enantioselective catalysts for intramolecular hydroaminationExpand
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Yttrium complexes supported by linked bis(amide) ligand: synthesis, structure, and catalytic activity in the ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters.
A series of new yttrium complexes supported by the bulky enediamido dianionic ligand DAB(2-) (DAB(2-) = (2,6-C(6)H(3)iPr(2))NC(Me)=C(Me)N(2,6-C(6)H(3)iPr(2))(2-)), that is,Expand
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A Luminescent and magnetic cyano-bridged Tb3+-Mo5+ coordination polymer: toward multifunctional materials.
A new cyano-bridged coordination polymer network Tb(H2O)5-[Mo(CN)8] was obtained and characterized. This compound has a two-dimensional layered structure and presents luminescence along with aExpand
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