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Homogenised limit analysis of masonry walls, Part II: Structural examples
The homogenised failure surfaces obtained through the simple micro-mechanical model developed in the first part of the paper are here used for the analysis of in-plane loaded masonry walls. BothExpand
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A homogenized viscoelastic model for masonry structures
Abstract A linear viscous model for evaluating the stresses and strains produced in masonry structures over time is presented. The model is based on rigorous homogenization procedures and theExpand
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Seismic Assessment of a Medieval Masonry Tower in Northern Italy by Limit, Nonlinear Static, and Full Dynamic Analyses
A comparative numerical study on a 12th-century masonry tower located in northern Italy is described. To assess the safety of the tower under seismic loads, different numerical analyses have beenExpand
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3D homogenized limit analysis of masonry buildings under horizontal loads
The current confidence levels in the ability to provide buildings with adequate resistance to horizontal actions do not easily apply to historic and existing masonry structures. Limit analysis isExpand
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Validation of Analytical Multiparameter Homogenization Models for Out-of-Plane Loaded Masonry Walls by Means of the Finite Element Method
The linear elastic analysis of in-plane and out-of-plane loaded masonry walls is still significant under service loads and is required by codes of practice, therefore the knowledge of the homogenizedExpand
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Effects of May 2012 Emilia earthquake on industrial buildings of early ’900 on the Po river line
The present work focuses on the effects of May 2012 Emilia earthquake on industrial buildings dating back to the early 20th century (early ’900) sited on the Po river line in the area of Mantua andExpand
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A simple hybrid model for torsion and flexure of thin-walled beams
Abstract The paper presents a hybrid finite-element model for calculation of stresses and deformations of thin-walled beams of any cross section (open, closed or mixed). The present model takes intoExpand
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Limit analysis of masonry vaults by means of curved shell finite elements and homogenization
Abstract The study of masonry vaults should take into account the essentials of the material “masonry” – i.e. heterogeneity, almost no resistance to tension combined with a good compressive strengthExpand
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A simple meso-macro model based on SQP for the non-linear analysis of masonry double curvature structures
Abstract A 3D model for the evaluation of the non-linear behavior of masonry double curvature structures is presented. In the model, the heterogeneous assemblage of blocks is substituted with aExpand
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Upper bound limit analysis model for FRP-reinforced masonry curved structures. Part II: Structural analyses
A homogenized full 3D limit analysis model for the evaluation of collapse loads of FRP-reinforced masonry vaults is presented. Six-noded rigid infinitely resistant wedges are used to model masonry.Expand
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