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Towards Validating Moringa’s Nutraceutical Benefits: An Examination of Consumers’ Perspectives vis-à-vis Health Benefits Efficacy and Willingness to Pay
This study examined the validity of claimed Nutraceutical benefits of Moringa oleifera products through the lens of consumers’ perceptions and Willingness to Pay (WTP) for perceived benefits. DataExpand
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Effects of cloxazolam and pindolol on the sympathetic and adrenal stress reaction during oral surgery in man.
In two studies including 73 patients the stress reducing effects of the tranquilizer Cloxazolam (Olcadil) and the beta-receptor-blocking drug pindolol (Visken) were investigated after the applicationExpand
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[Clinical study on stress protective action of cloxazolam in jaw surgery in double blind comparison to placebo (author's transl)].
An investigation in 50 patients has shown that biochemical measurements of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase (DBH), ACTH and cortisol as well as the concentration of glucose and insulin signal a reduction ofExpand
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Haematological and hepatic indices of cockerels fed treated dietary Blighia sapida seeds
Ninety-six day old Lairier cockerel chicks were used in an experiment to evaluate the after effects of detoxifying (soaking, boiling, addition of riboflavin and glycine to antagonize hypoglycins)Expand
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