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Revision of the moss-genus Neckeropsis (Neckeraceae). I. Asiatic and Pacific species
This study was started as a revision of the Malaysian species of Neckeropsis, but soon it proved to be necessary to include the species from the adjacent areas. The result was a revision covering all
Taxonomic Results of the BRYOTROP Expedition to Zaire and Rwanda 29. Thuidiaceae, Thuidium
For a revision of the African species see Touw (1976). The scarcity of Thuidium samples among the expedition’s collections is most surprising and inexplicable, considering the size of the expedition,
A taxonomic revision of the Hypnodendraceae (Musci)
A revision is made of the genera Hypnodendron and Braithwaitea, and the circumscription of the family has been maintained unchanged for the time being in the absence of information regarding assumedly related families.
A new species of Neckera (Neckeraceae, Bryophyta) from northern Vietnam
Neckera praetermissa Enroth & Touw spec. nov. (Neckeraceae) is described from northern Vietnam. It is morphologically closest to the SE Asian N. undulatifolia (Tix.) Enroth, with which it shares the
mosses reported from Borneo
Additional notes on Neckeropsis. 3. On the identity of Thamnium quisumbingii Veloira
  • A. Touw
  • Environmental Science
  • 31 December 1990
The diagnosis and illustration Veloira (1959) published of her new species Thamnium quisumbingii have made me assume that the species might in fact belong to Neckeropsis . This assumption proved to