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of the Borboroidini or Wombat Flies ( Diptera : Heteromyzidae ) , with Reconsideration of the Status of Families Heleomyzidae and Sphaeroceridae , and Descriptions of Femoral Gland-baskets
Reasons are given for reducing the Heleomyzidae and Sphaeroceridae to a single family, to be known as Heteromyzidae on grounds of priority. Some aspects of morphology and associated terminology areExpand
The Australian psychodidae (Diptera), Part 2.
The following new species are described: Pericoma uniformata, sp. nov., P. punctulata, sp. nov., P. illustrata, sp. nov., P. subillustrata, sp. nov., P. tasmaniae, sp. nov., P. albipes, sp. nov., P.Expand
Australian Platypezidae (Diptera)