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Feasibility of satellite quantum key distribution
In this paper, we present a novel analysis of the feasibility of quantum key distribution between a LEO satellite and a ground station. First of all, we study signal propagation through a turbulentExpand
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Impact of turbulence in long range quantum and classical communications.
The study of the free-space distribution of quantum correlations is necessary for any future application of quantum and classical communication aiming to connect two remote locations. Here we studyExpand
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Feasibility Analysis for Quantum Key Distribution between a LEO Satellite and Earth
Terrestrial QKD channels can connect two links with a maximum distance of few hundred kilometres. In the case of fibre links, this is due to the signal attenuation in the fibre; in the case ofExpand
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Link budget and background noise for satellite quantum key distribution
Abstract Optical quantum communication exploiting satellites is the most promising field to enable global quantum communication. Bonato et al. (2009) discussed the feasibility of quantum keyExpand
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Study of the Quantum Channel between Earth and Space for Satellite Quantum Communications
In this work there are studied the conditions for the effective quantum communications between a terminal on Earth and the other onboard of an orbiter. The quantum key distribution between a LEOExpand
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On the Polarization Analysis of Optical Beams for Use in Quantum Communications between Earth and Space
In this work we will address the transformation of the polarization state of single photons during the transmission along a Space channel and the measures to correct them in order to accomplishExpand
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Engineering a long distance free-space quantum channel
We present the main design issues and the tests in the setup of a long distance free-space quantum link under development within the project "QuantumFuture" of the University of Padova. InExpand
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Experimental studies toward the Quantum Communications with orbiting terminals
Realization of Quantum Communications in Space requires a deep understanding of issues including link-budget, turbulence mitigation and single-photon terminal synchro-nization. Here we report onExpand
Quantum communication channels between earth and space and space to earth
The work presented in this thesis, on the topics of global quantum network, is the result of a set of research activities done at the CNR-IFN Luxor laboratory over these three years. The main goalExpand
Intersatellite quantum communication feasibility study
The shift in the Communication paradigm from the bit to the qubit is increasingly exploited in terrestrial long range links and networks, with strong potentials in secure communications, quantumExpand
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