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Robust Articulated‐ICP for Real‐Time Hand Tracking
We present a robust method for capturing articulated hand motions in realtime using a single depth camera. Our system is based on a realtime registration process that accurately reconstructs handExpand
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Sphere-meshes for real-time hand modeling and tracking
Modern systems for real-time hand tracking rely on a combination of discriminative and generative approaches to robustly recover hand poses. Generative approaches require the specification of aExpand
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Low-Dimensionality Calibration through Local Anisotropic Scaling for Robust Hand Model Personalization
We present a robust algorithm for personalizing a spheremesh tracking model to a user from a collection of depth measurements. Our core contribution is to demonstrate how simple geometric reasoningExpand
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Online generative model personalization for hand tracking
We present a new algorithm for real-time hand tracking on commodity depth-sensing devices. Our method does not require a user-specific calibration session, but rather learns the geometry as the userExpand
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LookinGood: Enhancing Performance Capture with Real-time Neural Re-Rendering
Motivated by augmented and virtual reality applications such as telepresence, there has been a recent focus in real-time performance capture of humans under motion. However, given the real-timeExpand
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The relightables
We present "The Relightables", a volumetric capture system for photorealistic and high quality relightable full-body performance capture. While significant progress has been made on volumetricExpand
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Volumetric Capture of Humans With a Single RGBD Camera via Semi-Parametric Learning
Volumetric (4D) performance capture is fundamental for AR/VR content generation. Whereas previous work in 4D performance capture has shown impressive results in studio settings, the technology isExpand
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Sonochemically Assembled Photoluminescent Copper-Modified Graphene Oxide Microspheres.
A new accessible sonochemical assembly method is developed for the preparation of photoluminescent oil-filled silica@CuS/Cu2O/CuO-graphene oxide (GO) microspheres that emit light of green, yellow,Expand
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Spectral features of a dielectric layer in paraxial approximation
Spectrum of an Airy pulse scattered by a dielectric layer is investigated in paraxial approximation using an integral equation. Peculiarities of transmitted and reflected spectra are explored.
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