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Role of sodium, potassium, ouabain and reserpine in uptake, storage and metabolism of biogenic amines in synaptosomes.
Abstract PREVIOUS reports have shown that after homogenization of rat brain in isotonic sucrose the apparently intact nerve endings are pinched off and can be separated by centrifugation in aExpand
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Stress-induced increase in 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) levels in the cerebral cortex and in n. accumbens: reversal by diazepam.
Abstract The effect of electrical foot shock stress on dopamine and DOPAC levels was examined in the frontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, striatum, substantia nigra and medial basal hypothalamus ofExpand
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Mechanism of transport and storage of biogenic amines. 3. Effects of sodium and potassium on kinetics of 5-hydroxytryptamine and norepinephrine transport by rabbit synaptosomes.
The kinetics of biogenic amine transport by a process located in the membrane of synaptosomes were studied in order to determine the mechanism of the transport process and the effects of inorganicExpand
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Autoreceptors mediate the inhibition of dopamine synthesis by bromocriptine and lisuride in rats.
The administration of bromocriptine and lisuride to rats caused a decrease in striatal dopamine (DA) synthesis, as measured by 3,4-dihydroxy-phenylalanine (DOPA) accumulation after decarboxylaseExpand
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Mechanism of biogenic amine transport. II. Relationship between sodium and the mechanism of ouabain blockade of the accumulation of serotonin and norepinephrine by synaptosomes.
When ouabain and labeled serotonin ( 14 C-5-HT) or norepinephrine ( 3 H-NE) are simultaneously introduced into a suspension of isolated nerve endings (synaptosomes) in Krebsbicarbonate solution, theExpand
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The Content of 5‐Hydroxytryptamine in Human Uterine and Placental Tissue, and their 5‐Hydroxytryptophan Decarboxylase and Monoamine Oxidase Activities in Normal and Toxæmic Pregnancies
The clinical picture of toxaemia has led it to be regarded as possible that biologically active amines play a part in the pathogenesis of the toxaemic syndrome. Thus it has been attempted toExpand
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Foot-shock stress accelerates non-striatal dopamine synthesis without activating tyrosine hydroxylase
SummaryElectric foot-shock stress (20 min) increases DOPAC content in the frontal cortex (by about 80%) and in the nucleus accumbens (by 35%) but not in the striatum. However, foot shock stressExpand
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Chronic haloperidol: tolerance to the stimulating effect on striatal tyrosine hydroxylase.
Abstract Chronic treatment with haloperidol (1 mg/kg twice daily for 45 days) causes tolerance to the stimulating effect of the drug on striatal tyrosine hydroxylase activity. Tolerance is presentExpand
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Pharmacological and ultrastructural maturation of serotonergic synapses during ontogeny.
Studies were made on the course of maturation of serotonergic synapses during ontogeny in rat brain. Mature synaptosomes containing the same five types of synatic vesicles as in the adult, includingExpand
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Mechanisms of biogenic amine transport and storage. IV. Relationship between K+ and the Na+ requirement for transport and storage of 5-hydroxytryptamine and norepinephrine in synaptosomes.
The transport of the biogenic amines, 5-hydroxytryptamine and norepinephrine, was studied using isolated nerve endings (synaptosomes) prepared from rat and rabbit brains. The transport was absolutelyExpand
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