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The Liquid Galaxy in the library: A study of use and users of interactive digital display technology at UNC-CH
  • A. Tickner
  • Computer Science
  • Libr. Hi Tech
  • 9 December 2016
The usability and user perceptions of the display technology in the library is investigated to evaluate the utility of the Liquid Galaxy technology and how it was deployed in a library setting. Expand
Water and landscape dynamics in southern Burgundy: two and a half centuries of water management in an agricultural landscape
Abstract This interdisciplinary research project investigates changing patterns of water use in rural Burgundy, France over a 250-year timeframe. This rural landscape is undergoing rapid and majorExpand
An Improved Method for Extraction of Historical Cartographic Features into GIS: A French Case Study
This paper presents an improved method for spatially accurate extraction of detailed features from historical cartographic sources for use in time series analysis in GIS. This method uses AdobeExpand
The NRC Postdoctorate Fellowships, 1948-1978.
The development and achievements of the Postdoctorate Fellowships programme are reviewed from its inception in 1948 to its transfer to the new Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council in 1978. Expand
LibGuides: Classical Studies: Reference Works
Oxford Bibliographies Online / Select Classics and then browse through the various entries. This online tool combine the “best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia.”Expand
Analysis of Wood Charcoal from an Earth Lodge on Mound V at Moundville
This paper presents the results from an analysis of carbonized wood remains found at Mound V, Moundville in the earth lodge and associated Structure 2 excavated by Vernon James Knight. The data areExpand
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