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Enzalutamide in Men with Chemotherapy-naïve Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer: Extended Analysis of the Phase 3 PREVAIL Study.
  • T. Beer, Andrew J Armstrong, +18 authors B. Tombal
  • Medicine
  • European urology
  • 1 February 2017
According to data from longer follow-up, enzalutamide continued to provide benefit over placebo in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, and this final analysis of PREVAIL provides more complete assessment of the clinical benefit of enzAlutamide. Expand
Improvement of lesion detection by echographic image processing: signal-to-noise-ratio imaging.
Theoretical derivations of the first order statistical properties of SNR images are given for the case of intensity coding of the original images for low number densities and for the limit case of fully developed speckle. Expand
Perioperative factors associated with septic arthritis after arthroplasty. Prospective multicenter study of 362 knee and 2,651 hip operations.
Reoperation after knee and hip arthroplasty was clearly associated with a higher incidence of septic arthritis and corresponding risk factors were diabetes, failed fracture osteosynthesis, a breakdown of sterility during operation, wound infection, postoperative urinary tract infection, and an unhealed wound at discharge from the hospital or a difficult rehabilitation course. Expand
Cefuroxime for prevention of postoperative coxitis. One versus three doses tested in a randomized multicenter study of 2,651 arthroplasties.
There were no differences between the one-dose and the three-dose groups as regards the incidence of postoperative wound-healing problems, and urinary tract or other distant infections, and the use of additional antibiotics after the perioperative prophylaxis did not differ between the treatment groups. Expand
The clinical and urodynamic effects of anterior vaginal repair and Burch colposuspension.
Burch colposuspension was more effective for the correction of genuine stress incontinence than was anterior vaginal repair, and the postural changes in the urethral pressure profile characteristic of stress urinaryincontinence were still present even after successful restoration of continence. Expand
Effectiveness in inhibition of recovery of cell survival by cisplatin and carboplatin: influence of treatment sequence.
This study shows that platinum compounds can potentiate radiation and that for maximum effect the sequence of the two treatment modalities is of utmost importance, and may in part explain the heterogeneous outcomes of trials combining platinum compounds and radiation. Expand
Peritoneal Transport Kinetics of Glucose, Urea, and Creatinine during Infancy and Childhood
No age dependency for the handling of glucose, urea, and creatinine could be established when the group was subdivided into 1. children below the age of 3 years, and 2. children above that age, indicating more rapid equilibration at younger ages. Expand
Transvaginal ultrasonography and urodynamic evaluation after suspension operations: comparison among the Gittes, Stamey and Burch suspensions.
Transvaginal ultrasonography is a safe and reliable method to evaluate the postoperative outcome for stress urinary incontinence and indicates a correlation between absolute resting or stress position of the bladder neck and continence. Expand
Risk of postoperative septic complications after abdominal surgical treatment in relation to perioperative blood transfusion.
It is concluded that the perioperative administration of blood may negatively influence the risk of developing postoperative septic complications after intra-abdominal operations. Expand
The effect of familiality on clinical presentation and survival in mammary carcinoma.
Patients with a family history for mammary carcinoma did not present themselves in an earlier stage of disease, and the size of the primary tumour at first presentation did not differ significantly in the familial and non-familial group, as the estimated survival. Expand