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Transdifferentiated retinal pigment epithelial cells are immunoreactive for vascular endothelial growth factor in surgically excised age-related macular degeneration-related choroidal neovascular
PURPOSE To determine the cellular origin and the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) immunoreactivity of the nonvascular stromal cells in surgically excised age-related macular degenerationExpand
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Two-year outcomes of the ranibizumab for edema of the mAcula in diabetes (READ-2) study.
OBJECTIVES To determine the long-term effects of ranibizumab (RBZ) in patients with diabetic macular edema (DME). DESIGN Prospective, randomized, interventional, multicenter clinical trial. Expand
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Macular pucker removal with and without internal limiting membrane peeling: pilot study.
OBJECTIVE To investigate results of macular pucker surgery with and without internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling. DESIGN Retrospective noncomparative interventional case series. PARTICIPANTSExpand
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A comparison of retrobulbar versus sub-Tenon's corticosteroid therapy for cystoid macular edema refractory to topical medications.
OBJECTIVE The objective is to compare the effectiveness of retrobulbar and posterior sub-Tenon's injection of corticosteroids for treatment of post-cataract cystoid macular edema that was refractoryExpand
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Phacoanaphylactic endophthalmitis: a clinicopathologic review
Lens-induced uveitis or phacoanaphylactic endophthalmitis (PE) is a chronic endophthalmitis with a zonal granulomatous inflammation surrounding a ruptured lens. One hundred forty four cases of PEExpand
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Open globe injuries in children.
PURPOSE A retrospective review of open globe injuries in children was performed to identify the common types of injury and to correlate features of the injuries and surgical management with visualExpand
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Retinal manifestations of acute murine typhus
Purpose: To report the ocular manifestations of acute serologically confirmed murine typhus. Methods: A retrospective analysis of the clinical history, photography and fluorescein angiography of twoExpand
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Annular peripheral choroidal detachment simulating aqueous misdirection after glaucoma surgery.
PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to define a newly recognized complication after glaucoma surgery and to recommend a therapeutic regimen. METHODS Eighteen patients diagnosed initially as havingExpand
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Severe eye injuries in the war in Iraq, 2003-2005.
PURPOSE To document the incidence and treatment of patients with severe ocular and ocular adnexal injuries during Operation Iraqi Freedom. DESIGN Retrospective hospital-based observational analysisExpand
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Homocysteine: a risk factor for retinal venous occlusive disease.
PURPOSE Recent studies have shown a relationship between elevated levels of homocysteine and vascular disease including cerebrovascular accidents and myocardial infarctions. We evaluated patientsExpand
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