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Multimedia data-embedding and watermarking technologies
We review developments in transparent data embedding and watermarking for audio, image, and video. Data-embedding and watermarking algorithms embed text, binary streams, audio, image, or video in aExpand
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A construction of a space-time code based on number theory
We construct a full data rate space-time (ST) block code over M=2 transmit antennas and T=2 symbol periods, and we prove that it achieves a transmit diversity of 2 over all constellations carved fromExpand
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Digital watermarks for audio signals
In this paper, we present a novel technique for embedding digital "watermarks" into digital audio signals. Watermarking is a technique used to label digital media by hiding copyright or otherExpand
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Robust audio watermarking using perceptual masking
Abstract We present a watermarking procedure to embed copyright protection into digital audio by directly modifying the audio samples. Our audio-dependent watermarking procedure directly exploitsExpand
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Multiresolution scene-based video watermarking using perceptual models
We present a watermarking procedure to embed copyright protection into digital video. Our watermarking procedure is scene-based and video dependent. It directly exploits spatial masking, frequencyExpand
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Geometric Invariance in image watermarking
Surviving geometric attacks in image watermarking is considered to be of great importance. In this paper, the watermark is used in an authentication context. Two solutions are being proposed for suchExpand
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Distributed sensor network localization using SOCP relaxation
The goal of the sensor network localization problem is to determine positions of all sensor nodes in a network given certain pairwise noisy distance measurements and some anchor node positions. ThisExpand
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Low bit rate transparent audio compression using adapted wavelets
Describes a novel wavelet based audio synthesis and coding method. The method uses optimal adaptive wavelet selection and wavelet coefficients quantization procedures together with a dynamicExpand
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Parametrization of compactly supported orthonormal wavelets
The parametrization of two-channel reconstruction quadrature mirror filter banks is extended to obtain a single characterization of discrete orthonormal wavelets. In particular, it is shown thatExpand
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A binary wavelet decomposition of binary images
We construct a theory of binary wavelet decompositions of finite binary images. The new binary wavelet transform uses simple module-2 operations. It shares many of the important characteristics ofExpand
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