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HOS-based generalized noise pdf models for signal detection optimization
Abstract This paper aims to provide a realistic modeling of a generic noise probability density function (pdf). The target is to obtain a parametric model dependent on few parameters (simple toExpand
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Distributed data fusion for real-time crowding estimation
Abstract This paper describes an approach to estimating the number of pedestrians present in a real-life complex scene by processing a sequence of images. A set of features extracted from eachExpand
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Cooperative robotic networks for underwater surveillance: an overview
Underwater surveillance has traditionally been carried out by means of surface and undersea manned vessels equipped with advanced sensor systems. This approach is often costly and manpower intensive.Expand
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Measurements and modeling of acoustic scattering from partially and completely buried spherical shells.
The use of low-frequency sonars (2-15 kHz) is explored to better exploit scattering features of buried targets that can contribute to their detection and classification. Compared to conventional mineExpand
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A real-time vision system for crowding monitoring
In this paper, the approach used to estimate the number of people for planning purposes in DIMUS (ESPRIT project P-5345) is described. Crowd estimation is based on the image-processing and inferenceExpand
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The asymmetric generalized Gaussian function: a new HOS-based model for generic noise pdfs
The work is addressed to provide realistic modelling of generic noise probability density functions (pdfs), in order to optimize signal detection in non-Gaussian environments. The target is to obtainExpand
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Localization of small surface vessels through acoustic data fusion of two tetrahedral arrays of hydrophones
Detection and tracking of vessels is important in confined areas such as marine parks or harbors. Nowadays, the presence of ships can be accurately monitored either by radar or via AIS system, whileExpand
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A computationally efficient finite element model with perfectly matched layers applied to scattering from axially symmetric objects.
A frequency-domain finite-element (FE) technique for computing the radiation and scattering from axially symmetric fluid-loaded structures subject to a nonsymmetric forcing field is presented. TheExpand
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Benchmark problems for acoustic scattering from elastic objects in the free field and near the seafloor.
Results from a workshop organized in 2006 to assess the state of the art in target scatter modeling are presented. The problem set includes free-field scenarios as well as scattering from targetsExpand
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Experimental demonstration of a high-frequency forward scattering acoustic barrier in a dynamic coastal environment.
Detecting a target by measuring its forward scattered field is of interest for harbor surveillance because target strength levels are generally higher in the forward direction than in the backwardExpand
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