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Chemical composition, in vitro antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils of four dietary and medicinal plants from Cameroon
The essential oils of the plants were rich in organosulfur compounds which were probably responsible for their appreciable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Expand
Vernoguinosterol and vernoguinoside, trypanocidal stigmastane derivatives from Vernonia guineensis (Asteraceae).
Two bitter stigmastane derivatives have been isolated from the stem bark of Vernonia guineensis and their structures eludicated using spectroscopic methods and exhibit trypanocidal activity. Expand
Antiparasitic activities of two sesquiterpenic lactones isolated from Acanthospermum hispidum D.C.
Crude acidic water extract, fractions and pure isolated compounds from Acanthospermum hispidum showed promising in vitro antiplasmodial activity, and its weak in vivo antimalarial activity and the in vitro cytotoxicity of pure compounds and enriched extracts containing 1 and 2 indicate that the aerial parts of Acantho-hispidum should be used with caution for malaria treatments. Expand
Cytotoxicity, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of eight compounds isolated from Entada abyssinica (Fabaceae)
The findings suggest that among the terpenoid and flavonoid compounds studied, entadanin (compound 7) possess tremendous antibacterial activity against S. typhimurium and could be developed for the treatment of bacterial diseases. Expand
Strychnobaillonine, an unsymmetrical bisindole alkaloid with an unprecedented skeleton from Strychnos icaja roots.
A reinvestigation of the roots of Strychnos icaja resulted in the isolation of a new bisindole alkaloid named strychnobaillonine with original C-17-N-1' and C-23-C-17' junctions, which showed potent activity against the chloroquine-sensitive 3D7 strain of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro. Expand
Triterpenes and Lignans from Kigelia africana
Lazare Sidjui Sidjui, Raduis Melong, Valerie Mahiou-Leddet, Gaetan Herbette, Alembert Tiabou Tchinda, Evelyne Ollivier, Gabriel Ngosong Folefoc Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal PlantExpand
Antiplasmodial activity of Heinsia crinita (Rubiaceae) and identification of new iridoids.
Results showed that H. crinita extracts possess antimalarial activity and contain some unusual iridoids with moderate antiplasmodial activity, therefore justifying to some extent its traditional use by the local population in DRC for this purpose. Expand
Toxicological studies of stem bark extract from Schefflera barteri Harms (Araliaceae)
The results suggest that acute administration of the stem bark extract of S. barteri is associated with signs of toxicity, and administration over a long duration provokes hepatotoxicity, testes and lungs toxicities. Expand