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Empty space-times admitting a three parameter group of motions
where RV is the Ricci tensor, R is the scalar curvative and K is Einstein's gravitational constant. Equations (1.1) are second order partial differential equations for the g,, and their solutions
Relativistic Rankine-Hugoniot Equations
In Part I of this paper the stress energy tensor and the mean velocity vector of a simple gas are expressed in terms of the Maxwell-Boltzman distribution function. The rest density ρ0, pressure, p,
Spherically symmetric similarity solutions of the Einstein field equations for a perfect fluid
Spherically symmetric space-times which admit a one parameter group of conformal transformations generated by a vectorξμ such thatξμ;v+ξv;μ=2gμv are studied. It is shown that the metric coefficients
Relativistic Fluid Mechanics
fluid mechanics may be characterized as a theory that describes the state of a fluid by means of five functions of at most four independent variables. The latter variables are of two kinds: three
A Singularity-free Empty Universe
Einstein equations solution for empty space without singularities containing metric, with closed homogeneous space type hypersurfaces expanding anisotropically