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Covariation of soil bacteria functional diversity and vegetation diversity along an altitudinal climatic gradient in the Western Carpathians
The relationship between vascular plant community diversity and the functional diversity of soil bacteria and the total vascular plant diversity was investigated along an altitudinal climatic gradient in the Polish Carpathians. Expand
The relationship between soil bacteria substrate utilisation patterns and the vegetation structure in temperate forests
The canonical correspondence analysis indicated that soil pH, nitrogen and organic matter contents and plant diversity index were related to bacterial CLPP in the O soil horizon, which indicated that pine forest soil bacteria were less active and less functionally diverse than those in deciduous forest soils. Expand
Rapid Microbial Community Changes During Initial Stages of Pine Litter Decomposition
It is suggested that bacterial and eukaryotic decomposer communities change at different stages of pine litter decomposition in a way similar to that in broadleaf litter. Expand
Trace Element Concentrations in Lichens Collected in the Beskidy Mountains, the Outer Western Carpathians
Assessment of trace metal air pollution in the Beskidy Mountains, the Outer Western Carpathians, Poland, with a widely used bioaccumulating organism, a lichen, found the strongest correlation was noticed between Zn and Pb, which are known to occur jointly in ore deposits and are being processed in nearby Polish and Czech industrial regions. Expand
Application of the Bait-Lamina Method to Measure the Feeding Activity of Soil Fauna in Temperate Forests
ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to compare the feeding activity of soil fauna in seven temperate forests with the application of the bait-lamina method. Seven types of temperate forests locatedExpand