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An Overview of Municipal Solid Wastes Generation In Malaysia
Peningkatan jumlah penduduk dan pertumbuhan pesat proses perbandaran dan faktor lain secara langsung mengakibatkan penghasilan sisa pepejal perbandaran. Jumlah kuantiti besar yang dihasilkan
A Review of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
The tremendous increased of municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in most major cities in Malaysia is observed as a main issue recently. This paper reviews the MSW management comprises many issues
Extreme learning machine for user location prediction in mobile environment
This work aims to attempt to further devise a better positioning accuracy based on location fingerprinting taking advantage of two important mobile fingerprints, namely signal strength and signal quality and subsequently building a model based on extreme learning machine (ELM), a new learning algorithm for single‐hidden‐layer neural networks.
Preliminary investigation of Islamic websites design & content feature: A heuristic evaluation from user perspective
This paper investigates the quality ranking of current Islamic websites using nine (9) website features (i.e. navigation, interactivity, legitimacy, objectivity, authority, relevancy, attractiveness,
Evaluating Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Options by AHP-based Linguistic Variable Weight
The increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) being generated each year poses a serious dilemma in choosing the best MSW disposal system in Malaysia. Since the decision process involves uncertainty,
User Experience Design (UXD): a survey of user interface development practices in Malaysia
Despite the growing interest on user experience (UX) in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in other countries, little is known on how the UX approach is applied in the development of
Quality rating of Islamic Websites features: A single-user evaluation
Several criteria to evaluate Islamic websites are proposed: navigation, interactivity, legitimacy, objectivity, authority, relevance, attractiveness, credibility and reliability, which suggest that the quality of Islamic websites may change significantly over time.
User Experience: Assessing the effectiveness of Internet booking service
This paper indicates that several design features do not entirely conform to the usability standard and design principles and shows that the users experience some difficulties in completing the task; however, they proceed in order to get competitive prices.
Evaluating design features of Islamic websites: a Muslim user perception
The findings of the exploratory factor analysis provide evidence to suggest that only few design features are considered important by Islamic website users, and these design features possess highly significant factor-loading.
Features influencing Islamic websites use: A Muslim user perspective
Muslim scholars and organisations use the Internet through various websites to spread Islam globally. The presence of many websites providing Islamic contents online makes it necessary to examine