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Biological activities of angiotensin II-(1-6)-hexapeptide and angiotensin II-(1-7)-heptapeptide in man.
Biological activities of angiotensin II-(1-6)-hexapeptide [ANG-(1-6)] and angiotensin II-(1-7)-heptapeptide [ANG-(1-7)] were studied in 5 normal men and 3 patients with Bartter's syndrome. TheExpand
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Parathyroid hormone-induced lipolysis in human adipose tissue.
Relative lipolytic activity of human parathyroid hormone-(1-34) (hPTH-(1-34], hPTH-(3-34), desamino-Ser1-hPTH-(1-34), and rat PTH-(1-34) was compared in human subcutaneous adipose tissues in vitro.Expand
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A case of adiposis dolorosa: lipid metabolism and hormone secretion.
The present report describes a 53-year-old non-obese man with adiposis dolorosa whose pain was dramatically relieved by the intravenous injection of lidocaine. The patient showed a paradoxicalExpand
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Synthesis and antitumor evaluation of arctigenin derivatives based on antiausterity strategy.
A series of new (-)-arctigenin derivatives with variably modified O-alkyl groups were synthesized and their preferential cytotoxicity was evaluated against human pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1Expand
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Effects of chronic bromocriptine-induced hypoprolactinemia on plasma testosterone responses to human chorionic gonadotropin stimulation in normal men.
To study the role played by normal levels of plasma prolactin (PRL) in the secretion of testosterone (T) in the testes, we induced hypoprolactinemia with a daily dose of 5 mg bromocriptineExpand
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Biological activity of des-asp1-des-arg2-angiotensin II in man.
The biological activity of des-asp1-des-arg2-angiotensin II (3-8AII) was studied in man. When 3-8AII was infused iv at rates of 22 and 308 pmol (17.5 and 250 ng)/kg . min separately into 5 normal menExpand
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Relative biological activities of Asn1-,Val5-angiotensin II, Ile5-angiotensin II and Sar1-angiotensin II in man.
Biological activities of asn1-,val5-angiotensin II (Hypertensin, Ciba, Asn1-,Val5-ANG II), ile5-angiotensin II (human angiotensin II, Ile5-ANG II) and sar1-angiotensin II (Sar1-ANG II) were comparedExpand
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Effects of a new angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, MK 421, in normal men and patients.
Effects of MK 421, a new angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, were studied in normal men and patients. MK 421 was given at 0900 h as a single oral dose of 20 mg, to 5 normal men and 2 patientsExpand
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In vivo Detection of Cortical Microinfarcts on Ultrahigh‐Field MRI
Cortical microinfarcts (CMIs) are detected as small foci restricted to the cerebral cortex in autopsy brains. CMIs are thought to be caused by cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) in the elderly and mayExpand
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Responses of patients with Bartter's syndrome to angiotensin III and angiotensin II-(3-8)-hexapeptide.
Studies were conducted to determine whether or not angiotensin III [AIII] and angiotensin II-(3-8)-hexapeptide [ANG-(3-8)] have their own specific arteriolar binding sites different from angiotensinExpand
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