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Deontology and Accounting Expertise
This book brings up-front the accounting profession, its role and ethics in the evolutionary contemporanism amplified by the global development of the society and business environment. By identifyingExpand
Cost Centers from Hospital Units. Study Case
Current status of the hospital units is worrying: insufficient funding, increasing the number of cases considered / treated, providing quality services at public hospital unit. In this research weExpand
The amount of solid waste generated in Romania has increased in recent years mainly because of the people lifestyle. Since 2015, all local communities are working for a sustainable waste managementExpand
Importance of Internal Audit Missions for Private Companies in Fraud Prevention and Detection
In this article, the object of the research is the link between the internal audit of the individual entities and the audit risks assumed by the financial auditors and the users of the auditedExpand
The effect of financing hospital health care providers through updated Diagnosis Related Groups. Case studies: the municipal hospitals in Romania
Analyzing in detail the results recorded by providers following simple regression model is observed that there are units which, although recorded low values in the number of patients discharged, they were able to achieve a relatively high VRM or to contract a level of TAC over average of the entire sample. Expand
Fundamental Power of Social Media Interactions for Building a Brand and Customer Relations
The spread of social networks and the high level of penetration of digital content and mobile devices have created a society in which consumers expect constant communication from companies. InExpand
Considerations regarding the influence of the base leading rate over actualization rate of investment projects financed by EU funds
The investment process is a complex economic process that implies risks. Allotting capital resources in an investment project without using an adequate discount rate of the cash flows, which willExpand
Planning, Budgeting, and Green Controlling
The issue of this chapter is to illustrate the aspects of planning, budgeting, and controlling green activities within an economic entity and their impact on the profitability of the entity. TheExpand
The limitations of the engagements to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information according to ISRS 4400
This article aims to identify and illustrate the inherent limitations of an engagement to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information by starting from an audit mission to performExpand