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Floral and pollinator behaviour of flexistylous Bornean ginger, Alpinia nieuwenhuizii (Zingiberaceae)
The floral behaviour and effective pollinators were similar between the Bornean species and the previously reported flexistylous Alpinia, but the pollinator behaviour between them strikingly differed with regard to the visit frequency of the pollinators showing a bimodal pattern during the day. Expand
Taxonomy of Globba (Zingiberaceae) in Sumatra, Indonesia
All published information on Globba (Zingiberaceae) in Sumatra is summarized and augmented by data obtained by revision of herbarium materials and observations in the field, including one new species, which belongs to sect. Expand
Multiple occurrences of triploid formation in Globba (Zingiberaceae) from molecular evidence
Results suggest that multiple triploid formations had taken place and that such formations may be one of the most important force for speciation of Globba. Expand
Phylogenetic relationships among subgenera, species, and varieties of Japanese Salvia L. (Lamiaceae)
Molecular phylogenetic analyses of two chloroplast DNA regions suggest a close relationship between S. nipponica and S. glabrescens and its varieties in cpDNA, nrDNA and cpDNA+nrDNA trees, and that S. simplicior may be more closely related to S. japonica than to other varieties of S. pygmaea. Expand
Allozyme variations and classification of Trapa (Trapaceae) in Japan
Allozymes in plant samples collected from 55 populations and tentatively classified into 6 taxa indicated three distinct groups corresponding to the size class of the fruits: T. incisa (small), T. japonica group (medium), and T. natans group (large). Expand
Preliminary molecular phylogeny of Bornean Plagiostachys (Zingiberaceae) based on DNA sequence data of internal transcribed spacer (ITS)
A molecular phylogenetic analysis based on DNA sequence data of internal transcribed spacer region (ITS 1, ITS 2) and 5.8S gene and re-evaluation of morphological characters were performed in orderExpand
Phylogeny and staminal evolution of Salvia (Lamiaceae, Nepetoideae) in East Asia
This study supports the adoption of a broadly defined Salvia and treats EA Salvia as a sub genus, Glutinaria, recognizing eight sections within this subgenus. Expand