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Development of a new humanoid robot WABIAN-2
A new humanoid robot-WABIAN-2- that can be used as a human motion simulator is proposed in this paper. Its trunk is designed in order to permit rotation, and forward, backward, and sideway movement.Expand
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本研究は, 外乱の無い平担路において2足歩行ロボットWL-10RDによる動歩行を実現することを目的とする.一般に, 1歩行周期は単脚支持相と立脚切換相という2つの相に分けられる.この両相において動力学的動作が行われているものが動歩行であると考えられる.本論文では動歩行の制御方式として次のような方式を提案する.すなわち, 単脚支持相においては設定歩行パターンを用いたプログラム制御を行い,Expand
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Development of a biped walking robot compensating for three-axis moment by trunk motion
The authors have been using the ZMP (zero moment point) as a criterion to distinguish the stability of walking for a biped walking robot which has a trunk. The authors introduce a control method ofExpand
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Development of a bipedal humanoid robot-control method of whole body cooperative dynamic biped walking
The authors have focused on the bipedal humanoid robot expected to play an active role in human living space, through studies on an anthropomorphic biped walking robot. As the first stage ofExpand
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Human-like walking with knee stretched, heel-contact and toe-off motion by a humanoid robot
A humanoid robot, WABIAN-2R, capable of human-like walk with stretched knees and heel-contact and toe-off motions is proposed in this paper. WABIAN-2R has two 1-DOF passive joints in its feet toExpand
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Biped walking robots created at Waseda University: WL and WABIAN family
This paper proposes the mechanism and control of the biped humanoid robots WABIAN-RIV and WL-16. WABIAN-RIV has 43 mechanical degrees of freedom (d.f.): 6 d.f. in each leg, 7 d.f. in each arm, 3 d.f.Expand
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Whole body emotion expressions for KOBIAN humanoid robot — preliminary experiments with different Emotional patterns —
Personal robots and robot technology (RT)-based assistive devices are expected to play a major role in our elderly-dominated society, with an active participation to joint works and community lifeExpand
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The Realization of Dynamic Walking Robot WL-10RD
A point detonating, high explosive incendiary projectile having a safe self destruct fuze that is operative only after setback and spin forces have been imparted to the launched projectile. The fuzeExpand
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Development of a Bioinstrumentation System in the Interaction between a Human and a Robot
Personal robots, which are expected to become popular in the future, are required to be active in joint work and community life with humans. Such robots must have no bad physical or psychical effectExpand
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Humanoid Robots in Waseda University—Hadaly-2 and WABIAN
This paper describes two humanoid robots developed in the Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University. Hadaly-2 is intended to realize information interaction with humans by integratingExpand
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