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A Prospective Cohort Study of Emergence Agitation in the Pediatric Postanesthesia Care Unit
Emergence agitation (EA) is a postanesthetic problem that interferes with a child’s recovery and presents a challenge in terms of assessment and management. In this prospective cohort study, weExpand
Incidence and Predictors of Difficult and Impossible Mask Ventilation
Background:Mask ventilation is an essential element of airway management that has rarely been studied as the primary outcome. The authors sought to determine the incidence and predictors of difficultExpand
Risk Factors for Perioperative Adverse Respiratory Events in Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Background Anesthesia for the child who presents for surgery with an upper respiratory infection (URI) presents a challenge for the anesthesiologist. The current prospective study was designed toExpand
The revised FLACC observational pain tool: improved reliability and validity for pain assessment in children with cognitive impairment
Background:  Difficulty with pain assessment in individuals who cannot self‐report their pain poses a significant barrier to effective pain management. However, available assessment tools lackExpand
Contribution of Hepatic Cytochrome P450 3A4 Metabolic Activity to the Phenomenon of Clopidogrel Resistance
Background—Interindividual variability of platelet inhibition after aspirin or clopidogrel administration has been described. Additionally, aspirin resistance and clopidogrel resistance occur in someExpand
Atorvastatin Reduces the Ability of Clopidogrel to Inhibit Platelet Aggregation: A New Drug–Drug Interaction
Background—We observed that the prodrug clopidogrel was less effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation with coadministration of atorvastatin during point-of-care platelet function testing. BecauseExpand
Anesthesia for the Child with an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: Still a Dilemma?
One of the most controversial issues in pediatric anesthesia has revolved around the decision to proceed with anesthesia and surgery for the child who presents with an upper respiratory tractExpand
The Effect of Format on Parents' Understanding of the Risks and Benefits of Clinical Research: A Comparison Between Text, Tables, and Graphics
There is a paucity of information regarding the optimal method of presenting risk/benefit information to parents of pediatric research subjects. This study, therefore, was designed to examine theExpand
The Reliability and Validity of the Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability Observational Tool as a Measure of Pain in Children with Cognitive Impairment
Pain assessment remains difficult in children with cognitive impairment (CI). In this study, we evaluated the validity and reliability of the Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability (FLACC) tool forExpand
Do They Understand? (Part II): Assent of Children Participating in Clinical Anesthesia and Surgery Research
Background Participation of children in clinical research requires not only parental permission but also the assent of the child. Although there is no fixed age at which assent should be sought,Expand