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A state-space formulation for externally linear class AB dynamical circuits
The state-space description of externally linear class AB dynamical systems is explored. Motivated by recent work in the area of log domain filtering, a definition for a generic class AB dynamicalExpand
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A Study of Different Class AB Log Domain First Order Filters
Several different class AB log-domain/translinear filters are compared in terms of their noise and distortion behavior using both analytical and simulation results. A few of the circuit topologiesExpand
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Fully Controllable First Order Current Mode Universal Filter Composed of BJTs and a Grounded Capacitor
In this paper, a new BJT based configuration for providing first order current mode high-pass, low-pass and all-pass filter responses from the same configuration is suggested. The proposed circuitExpand
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Current mode high-frequency KHN filter employing differential class AB log domain integrator
Abstract In this study, a current mode log domain differential Class AB biquad filter based on Kerwin–Huelsman–Newcomb (KHN) structure has been synthesized by using the state-space method and byExpand
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Novel Resistorless First-Order Current-Mode Universal Filter Employing a Grounded Capacitor
In this paper, a new bipolar junction transistor (BJT) based configuration for providing first-order resistorless current-mode (CM) all-pass, low-pass and high-pass filter responses from the sameExpand
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Low-component count BJT technology-based currentcontrolled tunable resistors and their applications
In this study, low-power and low-component count grounded and floating current-controlled tunable resistors are proposed. The validity of the proposed resistor circuits is demonstrated in twoExpand
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A Novel Second-Order All-Pass Filter Using Square-Root Domain Blocks
In this study, a new second order all-pass filter is synthesized in the square-root domain by using the state- space method. The proposed second order all-pass filter is constituted by currentExpand
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Electronically Tunable Square-Root Domain Filter Circuit
In this paper, electronically tunable square root domain low pass and band pass filter is designed by using state space synthesis procedure. A dummy DC input is added to state space equations inExpand
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Two lossy integrator loop based current-mode electronically tunable universal filter employing only grounded capacitors
Abstract In this paper, a novel single-input and multiple-output second-order current-mode universal filter is proposed where lossy integrator blocks, scaling blocks and summing blocks are employed.Expand
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State space representation for log domain filtering synthesis
New method for the state space representation of filters based on the companion form technique has been proposed. It is useful for synthesis of log domain filters. For state space representation of aExpand
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