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Representing Time in Natural Language: The Dynamic Interpretation of Tense and Aspect
Part 1 Introduction: what are aspectual classes? controlling the flow of information - filters, plugs and holes situated reasoning about time. Part 2 The aspectual verbs: the linguistic data negationExpand
The representation of (in)definiteness
"The Representation of (In)definiteness" collects the most important current research, reflecting a wide range of approaches, on a central theoretical issue in linguistics: characterizing the distinction between definite and indefinite expressions. Expand
Handbook of Logic and Language
From the Publisher: The combined study of logic and language goes back at least as far as the Middle Ages. Expand
Mathematical Methods in Linguistics
Preface. Part A. Set Theory. 1. Basic Concepts of Set Theory. 2. Relations and Functions. 3. Properties of Relations. 4. Infinities. Appendix A1. Part B. Logic and Formal Systems. 5. Basic ConceptsExpand
An intensional logic for mass terms
The Composition of Meaning: From Lexeme to Discourse
1. The composition of meaning (by Meulen, Alice G.B. ter) 2. I. Mapping syntactic structure to meaning 3. Coordination in morphology and syntax: The case of copulative compounds (by Olsen, Susan) 4.Expand
The Semantics of Temporal Questions
coordination is handled in a direct and straightforward manner, without any need for type-shifting. 9. We cannot use the abbreviation '(I; x) in the representation of the universally quantiiedExpand