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Pitying the Desolation of Such a Place: Rebuilding Religious Houses and Constructing Memory in Aquitaine in the Wake of the Viking Incursions
This article examines the consequences of the ninth-century Viking incursions for religious houses in the southwest of France, and the portrayal of those raids in contemporary and later medievalExpand
HIST 204: Roman History
The Bishop Reformed: Studies of Episcopal Power and Culture in the Central Middle Ages
Contents: Introduction: the bishop reformed, John S. Ott and Anna Trumbore Jones Lay magnates, religious houses, and the role of the bishop in Aquitaine (877a "1050), Anna Trumbore Jones Bishops andExpand
Noble Lord, Good Shepherd: Episcopal Power and Piety in Aquitaine, 877-1050
This book examines the range of bishops’ activities in tenth- and eleventh-century southwest France, as they ruled their cathedrals, interacted with lay powers, patronized religious communities, andExpand
“The Most Blessed Hilary Held an Estate”: Property, Reform, and the Canonical Life in Tenth-Century Aquitaine
This article explores thinking and practice regarding property at houses of canons from the mid-ninth to mid-eleventh centuries, through a case study of the charters of Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand inExpand