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Flubromazolam – A new life-threatening designer benzodiazepine
Flubromazolam is a new designer drug that mostly causes sedative effects but also has moderate anti-anxiety and muscle relaxant effects and may be a cause of prolonged, severe intoxication associated with coma, hypotension, and rhabdomyolysis.
[Acute methoxetamine intoxication--a case report with serum and urine concentrations].
Confirmed MXE poisoning increases knowledge about this new substance, providing relevant clinical and analytical data, and the course of treatment and method of identification of this substance in serum and urine are presented.
Acute collective gas poisoning at work in a manure storage tank.
The cause of fainting of three and deaths of two workers was not the poisoning with hydrogen sulfide, but oxygen deficiency in the air of the tank, and post-mortem examinations and toxicological blood tests performed did not allow determination of the direct cause of death.
[Biochemical markers for acute and chronic alcohol consumption].
Markers of ethanol consumption are valuable alternative and complementation to customary examinations performed in medical practice and forensic medicine and could provide a better view of short and long term ethanol consumption.