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Investigating transport properties of nanofiltration membranes by means of a steric, electric and dielectric exclusion model
The transport properties of nanofiltration (NF) membranes are investigated by means of an improved transport model including dielectric exclusion in terms of both Born dielectric effect and imageExpand
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Influence of operating conditions on the rejection of cobalt and lead ions in aqueous solutions by a nanofiltration polyamide membrane
The potential use of nanofiltration polyamide membrane for removing cobalt and lead ions from wastewater was investigated. Rejection experiments were conducted with Pb(NO3)2 and Co(NO3)2 in bothExpand
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On the structure and rejection of ions by a polyamide membrane in pressure-driven molecular dynamics simulations
Abstract Pressure-driven molecular dynamics simulations were carried out to investigate both structural and transport properties of a sodium chloride solution through a highly cross-linked polyamideExpand
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Degradation of poly(ether sulfone)/polyvinylpyrrolidone membranes by sodium hypochlorite: insight from advanced electrokinetic characterizations.
Poly(ether sulfone) (PES)/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) membranes are widely used in various industrial fields such as drinking water production and in the dairy industry. However, the use of oxidantsExpand
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Influence of salts on the rejection of polyethyleneglycol by an NF organic membrane: Pore swelling and salting-out effects
Rejection rate measurements were carried out with a single polyethyleneglycol (PEG) solution and mixed PEG/inorganic salt solutions for a nanofiltration polyamide membrane. It was observed that PEGExpand
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Anomalous dielectric behavior of nanoconfined electrolytic solutions.
We report an anomalous dielectric effect of electrolytes under cylindrical nanoconfinement. In bulk phase, the decrease in the water dielectric constant (ε) with increasing salt concentration is wellExpand
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Analysis of the salt retention of a titania membrane using the “DSPM” model: effect of pH, salt concentration and nature
Abstract Retention measurements with single salt solutions of KCl, LiCl, K2SO4, MgCl2 and MgSO4 were carried out as a function of the permeate flux for a commercial titania membrane close to theExpand
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Contribution of convection, diffusion and migration to electrolyte transport through nanofiltration membranes.
Transport mechanisms through nanofiltration membranes are investigated in terms of contribution of convection, diffusion and migration to electrolyte transport. A Donnan steric pore model, based onExpand
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Identification of dielectric effects in nanofiltration of metallic salts
Abstract Transport of four metallic salts (CuCl 2 , ZnCl 2 , NiCl 2 and CaCl 2 ) through a polyamide nanofiltration (NF) membrane has been investigated experimentally from rejection rate andExpand
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Characterisation of surface properties of ceramic membranes by streaming and membrane potentials
Abstract The charge of ceramic UF membranes is studied in NaCl and CaCl2 media from streaming potential and membrane potential measurements. The amphoteric behaviour of these materials is observedExpand
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