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Preparation of a New Geological Survey of Japan Geochemical Reference Material: Coral JCp-1
A new geochemical reference material, coral Porites sp. JCp-1 has been prepared by the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ). Provisional values for twenty one major, minor and trace elements are
Coral Larvae under Ocean Acidification: Survival, Metabolism, and Metamorphosis
Results imply that acidified seawater impacts larval physiology, suggesting that suppressed metabolism and metamorphosis may alter the dispersal potential of larvae and subsequently reduce the resilience of coral communities in the near future as the ocean pH decreases.
Carbon budget of coral reef systems: an overview of observations in fringing reefs, barrier reefs and atolls in the Indo-Pacific regions
The seawater CO2 system and carbon budget were examined in coral reefs of wide variety with respect to topographic types and oceanographic settings in the Indo-Pacific oceans. A system-level net
Effects of ocean acidification on calcification of symbiont-bearing reef foraminifers
It is suggested that ongoing ocean acidification might favor symbiont-bearing reef foraminifers with hyaline shells at intermediate pCO2 levels but be unfavorable to those with either hyaline or porcelaneous shells at higher pCO3 levels, which decreases a carbonate concentration.
Permanent El Niño during the Pliocene warm period not supported by coral evidence
It is shown that permanent El Niño conditions did not exist during the Pliocene warm period, and coral-based analysis identifies climate variability at the temporal scale required to resolve ENSO structure firmly.
Ocean acidification reduces sperm flagellar motility in broadcast spawning reef invertebrates
Considering that sperm flagellar motility is indispensable for transporting the paternal haploid genome for fertilization, fertilization taking place in seawater may decline in the not too distant future, urgent surveys are necessary for a better understanding of the physiological consequences of ocean acidification on sperm flagescence in a wide range of marine invertebrates.
Diurnal Changes in the Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide in Coral Reef Water
Although the Pcoco2 values in reef waters exhibited large diurnal changes ranging from 160 to 520 microatmospheres, they indicate that the reef flat area is a net sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide.
Lithium in the aragonite skeletons of massive Porites corals: A new tool to reconstruct tropical sea surface temperatures
Previous studies have demonstrated the potential for the Li content of coral aragonite to record information about environmental conditions, but no detailed study of tropical corals exists. Here we