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Molecular Fluorescence in Citric Acid-Based Carbon Dots
Nitrogen-doped carbon dots synthesized from citric acid as a carbon precursor have recently been considered to contain fluorescent derivatives of citrazinic acid, which contribute to their emissionExpand
Redox shuttle mechanism enhances photocatalytic H2 generation on Ni-decorated CdS nanorods.
Photocatalytic conversion of solar energy to fuels, such as hydrogen, is attracting enormous interest, driven by the promise of addressing both energy supply and storage. Colloidal semiconductorExpand
Mechanisms underlying toxicity induced by CdTe quantum dots determined in an invertebrate model organism.
A systematic and thorough quantitative analysis of the in vivo effects of inorganic nanoparticles is extremely important for the design of functional nanomaterials for diagnostic and therapeuticExpand
Luminescent colloidal carbon dots: optical properties and effects of doping [Invited].
We review the effect of doping on the optical properties of luminescent colloidal carbon dots. They are considered as a hybrid material featuring both molecular and semiconductor-likeExpand
Inkjet Printing of Luminescent CdTe Nanocrystal–Polymer Composites
Inkjet printing is used to produce well-defined patterns of dots (with diameters of ca. 120 μm) that are composed of luminescent CdTe nanocrystals (NCs) embedded within a poly(vinylalcohol) (PVA)Expand
Facile solution growth of vertically aligned ZnO nanorods sensitized with aqueous CdS and CdSe quantum dots for photovoltaic applications
Vertically aligned single crystalline ZnO nanorod arrays, approximately 3 μm in length and 50-450 nm in diameter are grown by a simple solution approach on a Zn foil substrate. CdS and CdSe colloidalExpand
Magnetic Nanocomposite Particles and Hollow Spheres Constructed by a Sequential Layering Approach
The fabrication of magnetic composite core−shell particles and hollow spheres with tailored dimensions and compositions has been accomplished by a multistep (layer-by-layer) strategy. CompositeExpand
Nanoengineered polymer capsules: tools for detection, controlled delivery, and site-specific manipulation.
We present the concept of multifunctional nanoengineered polymer capsules and outline their applications as new drug delivery systems or supramolecular toolboxes containing, for example, enzymesExpand
Cascaded FRET in conjugated polymer/quantum dot/dye-labeled DNA complexes for DNA hybridization detection.
Electrostatic complexes of a water-soluble fluorescent conjugated polymer, poly[9,9-bis(3'-((N,N-dimethyl)-N-ethylammonium)propyl)-2,7-fluorene-alt-1,4-phenylene]dibromide (PDFD), and water-solubleExpand
Cytotoxicity of nanoparticle-loaded polymer capsules.
Cytotoxic effects of micrometer-sized polymer capsules composed out of alternating layers of polystyrenesulfonate (PSS) and polyallylamine hydrochloride (PAH) on a fibroblast cell line have beenExpand