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Guided modes in negative refractive index waveguides
We reveal that guided waves in negative-refraction-index (left-handed) waveguides possess a number of peculiar properties such as the absence of the fundamental modes, mode double degeneracy, andExpand
Nonlinear surface waves in left-handed materials.
We study both linear and nonlinear surface waves localized at the interface separating a left-handed (LH) medium (i.e., a medium with both negative dielectric permittivity and negative magneticExpand
Bifurcations and stability of gap solitons in periodic potentials.
We analyze the existence, stability, and internal modes of gap solitons in nonlinear periodic systems described by the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a sinusoidal potential, such as photonicExpand
Scalable on-chip quantum state tomography
We present a quantum state tomography method with experimental device complexity that scales linearly with qubit number. Expand
Optical solitons in $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric nonlinear couplers with gain and loss
We study spatial and temporal solitons in the $\mathcal{PT}$ symmetric coupler with gain in one waveguide and loss in the other. Stability properties of the high- and low-frequency solitons are foundExpand
Complete band gaps in one-dimensional left-handed periodic structures.
Artificially fabricated structures with periodically modulated parameters such as photonic crystals offer novel ways of controlling the flow of light due to the existence of a range of forbiddenExpand
Light propagation and localization in modulated photonic lattices and waveguides
Abstract We review both theoretical and experimental advances in the recently emerged field of modulated photonic lattices. These artificial periodic dielectric structures provide a powerful tool forExpand
Nonlinear switching and solitons in PT-symmetric photonic systems
One of the challenges of the modern photonics is to develop all-optical devices enabling increased speed and energy efficiency for transmitting and processing information on an optical chip. It isExpand
Azimuthons: spatially modulated vortex solitons.
We introduce a novel class of spatially localized self-trapped ringlike singular optical beams in nonlinear media, the so-called azimuthons, which appear due to a continuous azimuthal deformation ofExpand
Asymmetric vortex solitons in nonlinear periodic lattices.
We reveal the existence of asymmetric vortex solitons in ideally symmetric periodic lattices and show how such nonlinear localized structures describing elementary circular flows can be analyzedExpand