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Carbon isotopic composition of bacterial methane in a soil incubation experiment: Contributions of acetate and CO2H2
Anaerobic incubations of paddy soil collected from Konosu, Japan, were carried out for 10 weeks to clarify the general principles that govern the variation of carbon isotopic composition of bacterialExpand
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Linking microbial community dynamics to rhizosphere carbon flow in a wetland rice soil.
Photosynthesis by terrestrial vegetation is the driving force of carbon cycling between soil and the atmosphere. The soil microbiota, the decomposers of organic matter, is the second player carryingExpand
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Hydrogen isotopic composition of bacterial methane: CO2/H2 reduction and acetate fermentation
In order to discern the δDwater-δDCH4 relationship between C02/H2 reduction and acetate fermentation in freshwater environments where CH4 is produced from both C02/H2 and acetate, incubationExpand
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Seasonal course of translocation, storage and remobilization of 13C pulse-labeled photoassimilate in naturally growing Larix gmelinii saplings.
Autocorrelation--correlation of tree-ring parameters such as ring width, density and isotope ratios to the environmental conditions of the previous year(s)--is associated with the use of previousExpand
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Importance of permafrost as a source of water for plants in east Siberian taiga
Stable oxygen isotope ratios of plant water (sap water) were observed at Spasskaya Pad experimental forest near Yakutsk, Russia in 1997–1999. The δ18O of sap water in larch trees (Larix gmelinii)Expand
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Plant water sources in the cold semiarid ecosystem of the upper Kherlen River catchment in Mongolia : A stable isotope approach
In the cold semiarid region of northeastern Mongolia, we used stable isotopes ( 18 O and D) to determine potential plant water sources during the 2003 growing season (June to September) in twoExpand
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13CO2 pulse-labelling of photoassimilates reveals carbon allocation within and between tree rings.
Post-photosynthetic fractionation processes during translocation, storage and remobilization of photoassimilate are closely related to intra-annual sigma13C of tree rings, and understanding how theseExpand
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Dynamics of methane in mesotrophic Lake Biwa, Japan
As a part of a core project of IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme), distribution, production, oxidation and transport processes of methane in bottom sediments and lake water in aExpand
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Characteristics of soil moisture in permafrost observed in East Siberian taiga with stable isotopes of water
Soil moisture and its isotopic composition were observed at Spasskaya Pad experimental forest near Yakutsk, Russia, during summer in 1998, 1999, and 2000. The amount of soil water (plus ice) wasExpand
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Methane oxidation by termite mounds estimated by the carbon isotopic composition of methane
Emission rates and carbon isotope ratios of CH4, emitted by workers of termites, and of CH4, emitted from their mounds, were observed in a dry evergreen forest in Thailand to estimate the proportionExpand
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