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What Can Economists Learn from Happiness Research?
Over the past few years, there has been a steadily increasing interest on the part of economists in happiness research. We argue that reported subjective well-being is a satisfactory empiricalExpand
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Happiness, Economy and Institutions
Institutional factors in the form of direct democracy (via initiatives and referenda) and federal structure (local autonomy) systematically and sizeably raise self-reported individual well-being in aExpand
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The Role of Income Aspirations in Individual Happiness
Does individual well-being depend on the absolute level of income and consumption or is it relative to one's aspirations? In a direct empirical test, it is found that higher income aspirations reduceExpand
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Happiness and economics
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Stress that Doesn't Pay: The Commuting Paradox
People spend a lot of time commuting and often find it a burden. According to economics, the burden of commuting is chosen when compensated either on the labor or on the housing market so thatExpand
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Latent entrepreneurship across nations
The paper studies latent entrepreneurship across nations. There are three main findings. First, large numbers of people in the industrial countries say they would prefer to be self-employed. Top ofExpand
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Introducing Procedural Utility: Not Only What, But Also How Matters
People not only care about outcomes, they also value the procedures which lead to the outcomes. Procedural utility is a potentially important source of human well-being. This paper aims atExpand
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Measuring Well-being Across Europe: Description of the ESS Well-being Module and Preliminary Findings
It has become customary to judge the success of a society through the use of objective indicators, predominantly economic and social ones. Yet in most developed nations, increases in income,Expand
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Demokratieindizes für die Kantone der Schweiz
Die direkte Demokratie ist in den Kantonen der Schweiz unterschiedlich stark ausgepragt. Die Beteiligung der Burger im politischen Prozess via Verfassungs- und Gesetzesinitiative, GesetzesreferendumExpand
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Is Volunteering Rewarding in Itself?
Volunteering constitutes one of the most important pro-social activities. Following Adam Smith, helping others is the way to higher individual well-being. This view contrasts with the selfish utilityExpand
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