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Casting the Coronal Magnetic Field Reconstruction Tools in 3D Using MHD Bifrost Model.
Quantifying coronal magnetic field remains a central problem in solar physics. Nowadays the coronal magnetic field is often modelled using nonlinear force-free field (NLFFF) reconstructions, whoseExpand
The altitude structure of the coronal magnetic field of AR 10933
The magnetic fields of solar active regions are analyzed using a method based on comparing the spatial structures of the reconstructed magnetic field and of the radio emission of the active region.Expand
Modeling of Solar Atmosphere Parameters Above Sunspots Using RATAN-600 Microwave Observations
Models of the upper transition region of sunspots have been derived based on the observed radio spectrum between 3 and 18 GHz from Radio Astronomical Telescope of the Academy of Sciences 600Expand
Record-breaking coronal magnetic field in solar active region 12673
At the Sun, the strongest magnetic fields are routinely detected at dark sunspots. The magnitude of the field is typically about 3000 G, with only a few exceptions that reported the magnetic field inExpand
Force-Free Field Reconstructions Enhanced by Chromospheric Magnetic Field Data
3D picture of the coronal magnetic field remains an outstanding problem in solar physics, particularly, in active regions. Nonlinear force-free field reconstructions that employ routinely availableExpand
Physical conditions in the low corona and chromosphere of solar active regions according to spectral radar measurements
The physical conditions in the low corona and chromosphere of solar active regions are studied. A diagnostics technique based on multiwave observations in the centimeter range, photospheric magneticExpand
Physical Conditions in the Source Region of a Zebra Structure
We analyze the physical conditions in the source region of a zebra structure, observed with the Ondřejov radiospectrograph during the 1 August 2010 solar flare. To determine the gyro-frequencyExpand
On Magnetic Fields of Active Regions at Coronal Heights
This paper analyzes the magnetic field structure of active regions at coronal heights determined by means of multi-wavelength observations of polarized radio emission in the microwave range, andExpand
On the Spectrum and Generation Regions of Solar Microbursts in the Decimeter Wave Band
We analyze the nature and physical conditions in the generation regions of decimeter microbursts (MBs), which were discovered with the radiotelescope of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RATAN-600).Expand