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Investigating the near-criticality of the Higgs boson
A bstractWe extract from data the parameters of the Higgs potential, the top Yukawa coupling and the electroweak gauge couplings with full 2-loop NNLO precision, and we extrapolate the SM parameters
Higgs mass and vacuum stability in the Standard Model at NNLO
A bstractWe present the first complete next-to-next-to-leading order analysis of the Standard Model Higgs potential. We computed the two-loop QCD and Yukawa corrections to the relation between the
PPPC 4 DM ID: a poor particle physicist cookbook for dark matter indirect detection
We correct a few mistakes of the original version of this work (notably related to the computations of extragalactic gamma rays), while at the same time improving and upgrading other aspects (notably
COVID‐19 diagnosis and management: a comprehensive review
An overview of the known clinical features and treatment options for COVID‐19 is provided and quarantine is the only intervention that appears to be effective in decreasing the contagion rate.