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Turbulent flow over superhydrophobic surfaces with streamwise grooves
Abstract We investigate the effects of superhydrophobic surfaces (SHS) carrying streamwise grooves on the flow dynamics and the resultant drag reduction in a fully developed turbulent channel flow.Expand
Global effect of local skin friction drag reduction in spatially developing turbulent boundary layer
A numerical investigation of two locally applied drag-reducing control schemes is carried out in the configuration of a spatially developing turbulent boundary layer (TBL). One control is designed toExpand
Measuring Party Institutionalization in Developing Countries: A New Research Instrument Applied to 28 African Political Parties
The institutionalization of political parties is said to be important for democratic development, but its measurement has remained a neglected area of research. We understand the institutionalizationExpand
The instantaneous structure of secondary flows in turbulent boundary layers
Secondary flows can develop in turbulent boundary layers that grow over surfaces with spanwise inhomogeneities. In this article, we demonstrate the formation of secondary flows in both experimentalExpand
Ethnicity and party preference in sub-Saharan Africa
Recent research has questioned the notion that ethnicity is the main determinant of party preference in sub-Saharan Africa. Drawing on data from representative survey polls in eight anglophone andExpand
The Effects of Electoral Institutions in Rwanda: Why Proportional Representation Supports the Authoritarian Regime
While much has been written about the special design of Rwanda’s judiciary in order to handle the aftermath of the genocide in 1994, other institutional actions resulting from the 2003 constitutionExpand
A comparison of opposition control in turbulent boundary layer and turbulent channel flow
A comparison between classical opposition control applied in the configuration of a fully developed turbulent channel flow and applied locally in a spatially developing turbulent boundary layer isExpand
Direct numerical simulation of flow over dissimilar, randomly distributed roughness elements: A systematic study on the effect of surface morphology on turbulence
Direct numerical simulations of flow over fourteen dense rough walls with varying geometry are conducted. The effect of a departure from same-size element roughness on turbulence statistics isExpand
Ethnicity and Party Systems in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa
Despite earlier assumptions that ethnicity is a central feature of African party systems, there is little substantial evidence for this claim. The few studies with an empirical foundation rarely relyExpand