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ALD grown zinc oxide with controllable electrical properties
The paper presents results for zinc oxide films grown at low-temperature regime by atomic layer deposition (ALD). We discuss electrical properties of such films and show that low-temperatureExpand
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Modern analysis of ion channeling data by Monte Carlo simulations
Basic scheme of ion channeling spectra Monte Carlo simulation is reformulated in terms of statistical sampling. The McChasy simulation code is described and two examples of the code applications areExpand
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RBS/Channeling and TEM Study of Damage Buildup in Ion Bombarded GaN
A systematic study on structural defect buildup in 320 keV Ar-ion bombarded GaN epitaxial layers has been reported, by varying ion fluences ranged from 5 × 10 to 1 × 10 at./cm. 1 μm thick GaNExpand
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The Use of Analytical Methods in Evaluation of Coptic Wall Paintings Conservation — A Case Study
kinds of wall paintings. Structure of these wall paintings consists of support, plaster and painting layers. Paintings deterioration is primarily due to physicochemical, natural and human factors.Expand
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PIXE Analysis of Ancient Egyptian Pigments (Case Study)
Particle Proton–Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE) is one of the most sensitive analytical methods which can be used in the study of ancient mural paintings - especially pigments. It requires smallExpand
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Mechanism of damage buildup in ion bombarded ZnO
Abstract Ion beam induced defect processes in wide bandgap compound semiconductors are rather complex because of the formation of different types of defects and their transformations. In this paper,Expand
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Hydrogen release in UHMWPE upon He-ion bombardment
Abstract Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) due to its good wear resistance is the material of choice for the load-bearing surfaces of total joint implants. Unfortunately, failure isExpand
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4He channelling studies of U4O9
Abstract UO2 and U4O9 single crystals were investigated by means of the 4He backscattering/channelling technique and the use of the 3032-keV elastic scattering resonance on 16O. Angular scansExpand
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Fabrication and characterization of nickel silicide ohmic contacts to n-type 4H Silicon Carbide
In this paper, we report on fabrication and characterization of nickel silicide ohmic contacts to n-type 4H-SiC. The contacts on Si-faced 4H-SiC were fabricated by DC magnetron sputtering of Ni andExpand
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