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Dual time-point FDG PET-CT for differentiating benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules in a TB endemic area.
OBJECTIVE Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG)-positron emission tomography (PET) is an accurate non-invasive imaging test for differentiating benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules (SPNs). We aimed toExpand
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall component mycolic acid elicits pathogen‐associated host innate immune responses
Recognition of conserved pathogen‐associated molecular patterns constitutes a crucial step in the initiation of innate immune responses. We studied the contribution to the host‐pathogen interactionExpand
Surgical face masks worn by patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: impact on infectivity of air on a hospital ward.
RATIONALE Drug-resistant tuberculosis transmission in hospitals threatens staff and patient health. Surgical face masks used by patients with tuberculosis (TB) are believed to reduce transmission butExpand
Rapid impact of effective treatment on transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
BACKGROUND Effective treatment for drug-susceptible tuberculosis (TB) rapidly renders patients non-infectious, long before conversion of sputum acid-fast smear or culture to negative.Expand
Institutional Tuberculosis Transmission. Controlled Trial of Upper Room Ultraviolet Air Disinfection: A Basis for New Dosing Guidelines.
RATIONALE Transmission is driving the global tuberculosis epidemic, especially in congregate settings. Worldwide, natural ventilation is the most common means of air disinfection, but it isExpand
Use of 18F-FDG PET to Predict Response to First-Line Tuberculostatics in HIV-Associated Tuberculosis
This prospective pilot study examined the relationship between the severity and extent of tuberculosis as assessed by 18F-FDG PET at the time of diagnosis and response to treatment or treatmentExpand
STIs, HIV and AIDS and TB : progress and challenges : Primary Health Care : programme areas
This chapter presents the progress and challenges in sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, and tuberculosis in South Africa. Issues such as the epidemiology and management of sexuallyExpand
Impact of FDG PET on the management of TBC treatment. A pilot study.
UNLABELLED The aim of this study is to assess the potential impact of double-phase FDG PET versus routine staging in HIV-negative patients suffering from tuberculosis. PATIENTS, METHODS 16Expand
Mycolic acids, a promising mycobacterial ligand for targeting of nanoencapsulated drugs in tuberculosis.
The appearance of drug-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) poses a great challenge to the development of novel treatment programmes to combat tuberculosis. Since innovativeExpand