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Development of a Measure of the Motives Underlying the Selection of Food: the Food Choice Questionnaire
The development of a multidimensional measure of motives related to food choice, developed through factor analysis of responses from a sample of 358 adults ranging in age from 18 to 87 years is described.
Cortisol awakening response and psychosocial factors: A systematic review and meta-analysis
It is found that the increase in cortisol following waking (CARi), and the integrated volume of cortisol released over the waking period (CARauc), was positively associated with job stress and general life stress and negatively related to posttraumatic stress syndrome.
The effects of acute psychological stress on circulating inflammatory factors in humans: A review and meta-analysis
The purpose of this review is to synthesize existing data using meta-analytic techniques and show robust effects for increased levels of circulating IL-6 and IL-1beta following acute stress, and marginal effects for CRP after acute stress.
The association of anger and hostility with future coronary heart disease: a meta-analytic review of prospective evidence.
It is suggested that anger and hostility are associated with CHD outcomes both in healthy and CHD populations, and this supports the use of psychological management focusing on Anger and hostility in the prevention and treatment of CHD.
Cohort profile: the English longitudinal study of ageing.
The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) is a panel study of a representative cohort of men and women living in England aged ≥50 years. It was designed as a sister study to the Health and
Positive Psychological Well-Being and Mortality: A Quantitative Review of Prospective Observational Studies
Positive psychological well-being was significantly associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality in healthy population studies, and with reduced death rates in patients with renal failure and with human immunodeficiency virus-infection.
Greater Cardiovascular Responses to Laboratory Mental Stress Are Associated With Poor Subsequent Cardiovascular Risk Status: A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Evidence
The current meta-analysis suggests that greater responsivity to acute mental stress has an adverse effect on future cardiovascular risk status, supporting the use of methods of managing stress responsivity in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Gender differences in food choice: The contribution of health beliefs and dieting
Examining 4 food choice behaviors in a large sample of young adults from 23 countries finds that women were more likely than men to report avoiding high-fat foods, eating fruit and fiber, and limiting salt, and together they explained almost 50%.
Subjective wellbeing, health, and ageing
The wellbeing of elderly people is an important objective for both economic and health policy and present new analyses about the pattern of wellbeing across ages and the association between wellbeing and survival at older ages.
Social isolation, loneliness, and all-cause mortality in older men and women
It was found that mortality was higher among more socially isolated and more lonely participants, and the effect of loneliness was not independent of demographic characteristics or health problems and did not contribute to the risk associated with social isolation.