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Further phenols and polyacetylenes from the rhizomes of Atractylodes lancea and their anti-inflammatory activity.
From the rhizomes of Atractylodes lancea, 2-[(2'E)-3',7'-dimethyl-2',6'-octadienyl]-4-methoxy-6-methylphenol (1) was isolated as a new natural product. The compound showed strong inhibitory effectsExpand
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5-Lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase-1 inhibitory active compounds from Atractylodes lancea.
Lipophilic extracts of Atractylodes lancea rhizomes exhibited potent inhibitory activities in 5-lipoxygenase [IC50 (5-LOX) = 2.9 micrograms/mL (n-hexane extract)] and cyclooxygenase-1 [IC50 (COX-1) =Expand
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Diacetoxy-substituted polyacetylenes from Atractylodes lancea
Abstract Six new polyacetylenes have been isolated from the rhizomes of Atractylodes lancea . Besides 1-(2-furyl)-(7 E )-nonene-3,5-diyne-1,2-diacetate, a new natural compound, two further vicinalExpand
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Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions with Heterocyclic Bicyclo[2.2.0]hexenes. – A Contribution to the syn – anti Selectivity of cis‐3,4‐Disubstituted Cyclobutenes
In order to examine the possible preference for anti or syn attack in bicyclic cyclobutenes, a series of heterocyclic bicyclo[2.2.0]hexenes, 3–8, has been subjected to the reaction towardsExpand
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Separation of retinoic acid all-trans, mono-cis and poly-cis isomers by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography
Abstract An HPLC method using a reversed-phase Suplex-pKb-100 column that resolves photoisomerates of retinoic acid into nine peaks of products and the initial all- trans isomer is described. ThisExpand
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Singlet Oxygen Quenching Abilities of Carotenoids
The bimolecular rate constants kq for quenching of singlet oxygen (1Δg state) by 26 different natural and novel synthetic carotenoids were determined at 37 °C in a mixture of chloroform and ethanol.Expand
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Biotinylated Stealth magnetoliposomes.
Dimyristoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DC(14:0)PE) and the dioleoyl analogue (DC(18:1cis)PE) were mixed with alpha-biotinylamido-omega-N-succinimidoxycarbonyl-poly(ethylene glycol) (NHS-PEG-biotin) andExpand
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Dynamic NMR Spectroscopy
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