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Preferential glutamine uptake in rat brain synaptic mitochondria
Glutamine uptake has been studied in purified rat brain mitochondria of synaptic or non‐synaptic origin. It was taken up by an active saturable transport mechanism, with an affinity two‐times higherExpand
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Accelerating and retarding effects of dexamethasone on the development of the avian lung.
Fertile eggs from Bovans hybrid were treated with dexamethasone on day 17 of incubation. This treatment resulted in a stimulation of the surfactant synthesis as recorded by the increased uptake ofExpand
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Lewis acid promoted benzylic cross-couplings of pyridines with aryl bromides.
The functionalization of pyridines and related heterocycles is very important because of their biological properties and relevance to material science. The benzylic arylation of pyridines, inExpand
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Sulfoxide-alkene hybrids: a new class of chiral ligands for the Hayashi-Miyaura reaction.
Sulfoxide-alkene hybrids are introduced as a new class of chiral heterodentate ligands for the Hayashi-Miyaura reaction. The synthesis of these ligands was achieved without the use of protectingExpand
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Iron-catalyzed cross-coupling of N-heterocyclic chlorides and bromides with arylmagnesium reagents.
A simple, practical iron salt catalyzed procedure allows fast cross-couplings of N-heterocyclic chlorides and bromides with various electron-rich and -poor arylmagnesium reagents. A solvent mixtureExpand
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Highly diastereoselective iron-mediated C(sp2)-C(sp3) cross-coupling reactions between aryl Grignard reagents and cyclic iodohydrine derivatives.
Transition-metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions have become indispensible tools for C C bond-forming reactions in modern organic synthesis. Most of these reactions depend on the use of palladiumExpand
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Efficient chromium(II)-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions between Csp2 centers.
Low-toxicity chromium(II) chloride catalyzes at 25 °C within minutes the coupling reactions of various (hetero)arylmagnesium reagents with N-heterocyclic halides, aromatic halogenated ketones orExpand
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Cobalt-mediated diastereoselective cross-coupling reactions between cyclic halohydrins and arylmagnesium reagents.
Cyclic TBS-protected iodohydrins (and bromohydrins) undergo a highly diastereoselective cross-coupling with various aryl- and heteroarylmagnesium reagents in the presence of THF-soluble CoCl2·2LiClExpand
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Practical Iron- and Cobalt-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions between N-Heterocyclic Halides and Aryl or Heteroaryl Magnesium Reagents.
The reaction scope of iron- and cobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions in the presence of isoquinoline (quinoline) in the solvent mixture tBuOMe/THF has been further investigated. VariousExpand
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