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Intrusion Detection in 802.11 Networks: Empirical Evaluation of Threats and a Public Dataset
Wi-Fi has become the de facto wireless technology for achieving short- to medium-range device connectivity. While early attempts to secure this technology have been proved inadequate in severalExpand
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DDoS in the IoT: Mirai and Other Botnets
The Mirai botnet and its variants and imitators are a wake-up call to the industry to better secure Internet of Things devices or risk exposing the Internet infrastructure to increasingly disruptiveExpand
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Malicious PDF detection using metadata and structural features
Owed to their versatile functionality and widespread adoption, PDF documents have become a popular avenue for user exploitation ranging from large-scale phishing attacks to targeted attacks. In thisExpand
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A lightweight, robust P2P system to handle flash crowds
An Internet flash crowd (also known as hot spots) is a phenomenon that results from a sudden, unpredicted increase in an on-line object's popularity. Currently, there is no efficient means within theExpand
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MOTAG: Moving Target Defense against Internet Denial of Service Attacks
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks still pose a significant threat to critical infrastructure and Internet services alike. In this paper, we propose MOTAG, a moving target defense mechanismExpand
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Using graphic turing tests to counter automated DDoS attacks against web servers
We present WebSOS, a novel overlay-based architecture that provides guaranteed access to a web server that is targeted by a denial of service (DoS) attack. Our approach exploits two keyExpand
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Catch Me If You Can: A Cloud-Enabled DDoS Defense
We introduce a cloud-enabled defense mechanism for Internet services against network and computational Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Our approach performs selective server replicationExpand
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A whitebox approach for automated security testing of Android applications on the cloud
By changing the way software is delivered to end-users, markets for mobile apps create a false sense of security: apps are downloaded from a market that can potentially be regulated. In practice,Expand
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HyperCheck: A Hardware-AssistedIntegrity Monitor
The advent of cloud computing and inexpensive multi-core desktop architectures has led to the widespread adoption of virtualization technologies. Furthermore, security researchers embraced virtualExpand
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SQLProb: a proxy-based architecture towards preventing SQL injection attacks
SQL injection attacks (SQLIAs) consist of maliciously crafted SQL inputs, including control code, used against Database-connected Web applications. To curtail the attackers' ability to generate suchExpand
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