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Towards the theory of reheating after inflation
Reheating after inflation occurs due to particle production by the oscillating inflaton field. In this paper we describe the perturbative approach to reheating, and then concentrate on effects beyond
Disappearing cosmological constant in f(R) gravity
For higher-derivative f(R) gravity, where R is the Ricci scalar, a class of models is proposed, which produce viable cosmology different from the ACDM at recent times and satisfy cosmological, Solar
The dynamics of a large-scale quasi-homogeneous scalar field producing the de Sitter (inflationary) stage in the early universe is strongly affected by small-scale quantum fluctuations of the same
Structure of resonance in preheating after inflation
We consider preheating in the theory $1/4 \lambda \phi^4 + 1/2 g^2\phi^2\chi^2 $, where the classical oscillating inflaton field $\phi$ decays into $\chi$-particles and $\phi$-particles. The
A 120-Mpc periodicity in the three-dimensional distribution of galaxy superclusters
ACCORDING to the favoured models for the formation of large-scale structure in the Universe (in which the dynamics of the Universe is dominated by cold dark matter), the distribution of galaxies and
Exploring the expanding Universe and dark energy using the statefinder diagnostic
The coming few years are likely to witness a dramatic increase in high-quality supernova data as current surveys add more high-redshift supernovae to their inventory and as newer and deeper supernova
The Case for a positive cosmological Lambda term
Recent observations of Type 1a supernovae indicating an accelerating universe have once more drawn attention to the possible existence, at the present epoch, of a small positive Lambda-term
Model independent evidence for dark energy evolution from Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) allow us to determine the expansion history of the Universe, thereby shedding light on the nature of dark energy. Recent observations of BAO's in the SDSS DR9 and