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Evaluation of selected microbial and physicochemical parameters of fresh tomato juice after cold atmospheric pressure plasma treatment during refrigerated storage
The Cold Atmospheric pressure Plasma (CAP) technology is an emerging technology used for conditioning and microbiological decontamination of biomaterials including food. A novel tool for inactivationExpand
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Mechanical properties of texture of mixed flour bread with an admixture of rye grain
The paper presents a comparison of the mechanical textural properties of mixed fl our bread with an admixture of rye grain and without such an admixture (hardness, springiness, cohesiveness andExpand
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Effects of atmospheric pressure plasma jet operating with DBD on Lavatera thuringiaca L. seeds’ germination
The paper presents the results of an experiment on the effect of pre-sowing stimulation of seeds with atmospheric pressure plasma jet operating with dielectric barrier discharge (DBD plasma jet) onExpand
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Autologous activated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in bone tissue healing - does it work? Assessment of PRP effect on bone defect healing in animal models.
INTRODUCTION Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) preparations can be used in bone tissue healing but there are numerous doubts among clinical orthopedists about effectiveness of this method. MATERIALS ANDExpand
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Application of Freezing and Thawing to Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Juice Extraction
This paper presents a study of the effects of freezing and thawing carrot pulp and pomace on the efficiency of the pressing process and the quality of juice. In this study, various combinations ofExpand
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Effects of helium-air Rf plasma jet on onion seedling growth
The aim of presented study was to determine an efficiency of cold plasma technology on the growth of onion seedlings after pre-sowing stimulation of Alium cepa cv. ‘Wolska’ seeds with (He+Air)Expand
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