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Anisotropy, inhomogeneity, and tension-compression nonlinearity of human glenohumeral cartilage in finite deformation.
The tensile and compressive properties of human glenohumeral cartilage were determined by testing 120 rectangular strips in uniaxial tension and 70 cylindrical plugs in confined compression, obtainedExpand
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Enantiodifferentiation by 1H and 13C NMR Spectroscopy (Dirhodium Method) – Selectivity of Oxygen Functionalities
Chiral carbonyl compounds can easily be enantiodifferentiated by the dirhodium method. The rhodium atoms reveal a remarkable selectivity in binding to oxygen atoms, which is of great advantage forExpand
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Summary of Existing Models of the Ni‐P Coating Electroless Deposition Process
Electroless nickel-phosphorous plating is a technique often employed in preparation of protective, decorative, and functional coatings. Several feasible mechanisms are discussed in the literature.Expand
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Dynamics model of a vehicle with DC motor
The torque of passive forces was determined, dependent on aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance and slope of the ground. To determine the course of active (driving) forces torque as a function ofExpand
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Streszczenie. W pracy zaproponowano metode identyfikacji spektrum relaksacji na podstawie dyskretnych, zakloconych pomiarow modulu relaksacji zgromadzonych w teście relaksacji naprezen, w ktorejExpand
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[Progressive myopia in children].
Nonlinear dielectric properties and temperature stabilization effect near the ferroelectric phase transition in sodium trihydrogen selenite.
The ferroelectric phase transition of crystalline sodium trihydrogen selenite has been characterized by domain observations and measurements of electric permittivity, pyroeffect and spontaneousExpand
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